High School

Is coming dangerously close to ending. Its been a good ride (that's not over yet) but for you freshies, sophies, and juniors, enjoy the time...because the closer you get to graduating the more the (crap)flood gates open.

Grad Bash Saturday, expect pics opinions and reviews son!!!...(or daughter if that comment offends you)

Swine Flu

Yep gotta lay my two cents in on this one. If I hear about this supposed "swine flu" one more time I may have to kill someone myself.

I really dont see a connection between the pigs and the flu so why are they giving pigs another reason to be looked down upon and scaring the chitlins(pronunce it phonetically) out of everyone else?

Also, come on Mexico, step your game all the way up. First you lose the Mexican war, then theres this whole immigration thing, now you start a (supposed) pandemic!? They are really sucking at being America's beard.

Im really not saying anything other than bull right now so I'll end it here.Oh yeah and eat pork, bacon, and if you're lucky honey ham, because you definitely wont catch this "swine" flu from eating.


LVs & Autotunes 2 Mixtape

Im mainly posting this because of the artwork (look at the KanyeBears...ooooh) and because of the Amazing remix which actually sounds decent.

I only heard a little bit of it but The Dream actually doesn't suck on it (noooo homo) however the jury's out on Christina Milian.

The rest of it is mostly stuff you've heard before (probably) but still peruse it

The Most Unintentionally Funny/Dirty Bag Ever

After reading it, Do I even NEED to explain why?

Hilarity ensued after reading this of course.


World Be Free Blazer

Something about this shoe is very gay (no offense) but I cant stop looking at them like they're cool.

Tie Dye is the LAST thing I'd wear (even after pink...) but these shoes look pretty darn good to me for some reason.



While walking on Las Olas last night I came to the conclusion of another ManLaw. However, this applies to women as well.

If you are in sight of a hilarious and/or outrageous spectacle. Such as super skinny transvestites, or some dude wearing a shirt that says "Wedding Near, I need BEER!!", you MUST either get a candid picture or in the case of bad lighting, offer to ask the person in question for a better picture.


Good thing I passed it after the fact, because there was no way I was gonna approach those anorexic trannies.

Christina Milian

I looked at my page today, and realized...

ITS OVER 9000!!!...views...so as unprepared for this as I am I have to do this for the readers.

Soooo...Christina Milian?

Shes pretty right? Cant sing very well, but who cares? (that's what the auto tune wants to know)

So uhmmm, sorry, but no good commentary heres some pictures....yeaaaahhhhh:

Shoe of the Week 31


Is a very...interesting...name for a pretty fresh shoe.

That perforation (the holes) in shoes usually makes it easy for them to get dirty, and that is a reeeeeally white shoe. BUT other than that I really like it.

I would wear it (which is ground breaking because its white) although if anyone asked Id call them Blazers, because Sweet Classic is a name that not many can say without a "no homo" (joking of course)

What's So Bad About Comic Sans?

I keep reading (mostly on Yahoo) that people are trying to get Comic Sans banned. WTF, is it all that serious?

People's main arguements are that its childish, immature, etc. ITS BASED ON COMIC FONTS, and last I checked comics are for the childish, immature, etc. (and cool ass people like me)

The designer says he hates it too, but he said:
"If you love it, you don't know much about typography," Mr. Connare says. But, he adds, "if you hate it, you really don't know much about typography, either, and you should get another hobby."
Well, I (claim) to know a little about typography, and though I definitely dont use it, I would if it fit my needs. Thats what people dont get, nobody is forcing you to use it and most of the people that do use it dont know how to get other fonts or it's probably the most fitting thing for that project.

And since that short attention span is starting to kick in I'll end on this.

I use Comic Sans...but Fuck Courier (hate that crap)


Very...Fly (God I Hate Puns)

These are the same ones from befer but I guess they're getting closer to production.

This Jeremy Scott guy has some good and innovative ideas, but I definitely love these wings the most. And you know what?

For once, I like the silver ones better than the all black. (incredible, I know)

If they're not Air Yeezy pricey I'll definitely (probably) buy these one day.

Songs That Are Stuck In My Head Part 2

Another song stuck in my head (oooooh running motif) is "Let's Call It Off" by Drake.

I am a fan of a good sample (refer to:Kanye, Polow Da Don, Whoever produced Poke Her Face, etc.) and the only thing that could make this song better (besides NOT being stuck in my head) is if Drake rapped more.

Hes a better rapper than singer but he seems to like to sing more...which explains his large female fan base.

Buuut this is a good song nonetheless.


Songs That Are Stuck In My Head Part 1

"The Big Screen" GLC and Kanye West from jarabanda on Vimeo.

Slightly old but I didnt like it too much the first time I heard it. This song is pretty damn good to me now and has been in my head the entire day.

I've actually listned to it 10 times today according to my iPod.

This is that (kinda) old school Kanye too, which adds to the freshness of the song.

The one thing thats annoying is that little voice, I'd kill it if I could.

Amazin Video

Amazing from kwest on Vimeo.

Is ironically not too amazing to me. Amazin is one of my FAVORITE songs on the CD and as artistic as Kanye has been being lately this one was a little too plain.

I get it hes showing how amazin the world is or something, but it looks more like a commercial for a travel agent than a video for a pretty good song.

Jeezy looked out of place too.


Well...Thats Inappropriate

This is allegedly the 70's era logo for the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission.

Let me pause to politelyy Laugh my Ass Off.

When I first say it I thought "who would really make a logo of a lady giving birth" until I noticed the collar.

Then I saw the "light"...that it looks as if a child is orally performing for a Catholic priest, can we say conspiracy? (or LMAO at least)

Man Law?

These were the funniest commercials a while ago but apparently have died. So in honor of they're awesomeness I'll promote a Man Law every now and then (no commitment since Im lazy)

Comment to amend or propose or agree (even though nobody will)

The phrase "NO HOMO" does not fix all gay and/or homosexual comments, if 3 out of 4 say its too late, the phrase is null and void.


If two friends are intent on the same girl, and neither back down, they shall Roshambo to decide who gets first chance.
-Kyle in that Desolate ass Civilization


aaaaand finito


Cover Art I Like

Instead of making seperate posts for each of these, Here are cover arts of Ciara, Eminem, and Kid Cudi. All look cool and work well for inspiration in some of my designs.

Funny that they could make a vector of Ciara that is almost as sexy as her. This is probably only promo art though.

EXTREME Photoshopping on this one. The funny thing is I think I could do this (if I had a helluva long time to work on it)

A vector Cudi and really good color mixing. i also really like the typography of "Dat Kid From Cleveland" (which makes me think of Family Guy...since Im watching it)

Yo Mama So Fat She Caused Global Warming

Is now not just a (lame) crack. According to some scientists they really believe fat people are helping global warming.

They say over eating fat people bring need for more food production which is a leader in CO2 emissions and they need bigger stronger cars to pull their massiveness and use more gas.

And to this I say


Wow if I remember correctly thats some circular ass reasoning and really even though it seems feasible it just makes you look stupid to imply that. Thats like saying "Its not MY fault, its that fat guy over there who's not gonna stand up for himself if I blame him"

Yeah, Scientists who proposed this, die slow...



Yea every now and then I get a burst of vitality and do something positive with my life. So I scanned a few of my sketches (what I use to stay awake in AP Gov.) and I think they kinda suck but everyone I show seems to be at least generally impressed.

So although they are completely unedited, take a look comment and generally be a responsible reader:

Josue This Is For You (No homo)

Well my friend, you sure were the first (and only) one to find the mistake (the one down there that I dont feel like linking to) so here's your "special" post.

PS. Im lazy so dont expect much more than thisssssss...(im joking...or am I)

I was planning to post this video anyway because of its pretty cool effects (but Im lazy so I forgot...multiple times). So yea, check that out.

Shoe of the Week 30

Sooo you were expecting something buyable in stores huh?


Just the sketches of an AP Government student who isn't paying attention. This is how I would design a shoe for Nike (nothing like the Air Yeezy I think)

Yup too bad they're not real, especially because I love the splatter.


The Funniest Typo You Missed

Too late now but you guys missed out on yours truly's funniest mistake in a while.

"Obama becomes pregnant and niggas do this! "

Yea bad spell check usage there lmao. The reader who can point out which post it came from wins a special post...maybe.

Boy Im glad I learned to lol at myself.


A Monster Fail

Monster Cable, sellers of those Dr Dre headphones that Charles Hamilton and Keri Hilson seem to love, apparently were caught in false advertising (among some other stuff EnGadget points out here)

Wow they posted that pic on their website and continued to blast Monster for faking it. I always knew that those quotes were bull when people were advertising.

I dont really care now that I see that, especially because I never planned to buy those headphones...they cost a hell of a lot, but they shouldve known better, I mean how long have people been catching fakes and hoaxes on the internet.

Philips Carousel Commercial - Adam Berg

This is a commercial for a short film and I must say this looks cool as hell. I would definitely watch this movie if it has some resemblance of an explanation of whats happening there.

And another thing, how do you even MAKE that commercial?

I bet Lupe could spit a verse that makes it even cooler though (especially since Im listening to The Cool right now)


My Thoughts on Blogging

So today Im walking with a (semi) friend and this girl and she's like "So you guys just sit around and blog all day?" and I thought (and said) "Not really"

Blogging to me is just a way to say something that I think people would be interested in. I have a lot of crap tumbling around in my head and Im too quiet of a person to say it all in person. That is really why The R3AL exists (besides the possibility of money).

I may crank out like five posts in a day or just one in three days but I always have something to say or communicate. Those five posts days Im just really heated/creative/thoughtful/bored.

I dont spend hours doing this (really its like 20 mins on posting days) so I still (kinda) have a life so yea, had to get that off my chest.

And to commemorate this delve into my psyche (and what may be the only post of the day) here are four of my friends/bloggers who consistently crank out good shit (Ill do more one day):

(click the pic for the link)
My homie Shawn C, a photographer, and shoe guy (he's got the Hare 1's) definitely check that out.

(click for link of course)
Kyle "Desolate Civilization" Dambrowski my soon to be rival (UF vs FSU) and Mr.Project 365 himself.

(you know what to do)
My BESTEST BUDDY Imani Stickani! Another photog/shoe/all around person. New in the blog game so you should definitely check her out.

(Do I really have to say it?)
LarryFitzgerald Freeman the (self proclaimed) Livest Nerd. No real category for this guy soooo...click and learn.

UPDATE:: noL (sorry for being too lazy to type it out) gets an honorable mention for pointing out my failures.



They remind me a loooooot of these (except maybe inversed) what do you think mr or ms (or mrs...ooooohhhh) reader?


Goes live soon...

As soon as Mine gets here and I (reluctantly) take a picture with one...


Wouldn't you like to know?



I know Im massively late but I have nothing to blog about and cant go two days without a post. So take a look at Ms. Cassie's new 'do.

She claims she needed a change...WTF

Obama becomes President and niggas do this! Cassies you lost a few sexy points on that one :(


Battle The Movie "Teaser Trailer" from Battle The Movie on Vimeo.

A movie project that looks pretty interesting I must say.

If you wanna be apart of it (hopefully you're in Florida...if not...HA) check the myspace page

My connect on the matter says that its based around the theme of Battling between dancers, skaters, rappers, and the like and the trailer really got me into it (that and the cute girls within the trailer)

The little girl that says "Ill battle you myself, honey!" (no homo since I had to type that) pulls the whole thing together. Check it out if you can get on the space.


Shoe of the Week 29

I know Im just attacking your Google Reader today (maybe you should give me page views instead...) but just one more post for the day.

And although I should be taking pics of my Blazers (#29) Im way too lazy to do it...so next time (maybe)

These look really cool to me (would be better high top) and the hoodies that are created to match them look cool as well.

They are a little boastful because they have WORLD FAMOUS across the back, and honestly I couldn't see myself walking around with that all day (I dont have that big of an ego)

My favorites? The Red (threw you for a loop huh?)

Kanye - Amazin' Stills

I dont even know why Im posting this. They're just still pics of the video for one of my favorite songs on the album.

Looks like he spent alot on the video though, and the forest thing kinda reminds me of Halo for some reason. But where's Jeezy?

All of the pics are here

Wale Vs. Hamilton

Yep, looks like the Beef is on!

Two decent up & comers apparently have beef with each other now, and this time its no April Fools Joke (pic up there)

Wale said this:

They tried to throw me in the box with some gump ass rappers.

Kid Cudi— That’s my nigga. B.o.B.— That’s my nigga.
Blu— That’s my nigga. Curren$y— That’s my nigga.
Ace Hood— That’s my nigga.

Charles Hamilton— That’s not my nigga. Any real nigga don’t run behind your back and say some bullshit. Especially if he know you gon check him, and not on a record. It’s ok, we all young rappers growing up.

Then Mr.Hamilton said this:

I’m not his n1gga. And? He didn’t diss me… besides, I think this is the show he was telling me about… or was it the show where in a freestyle he said “F*ck Charles Hamilton”? I don’t know/care. if its an issue, I’m sure as vocal as Wale is, we’ll hear about it. I mean, other rappers did entire interviews thoroughly explaining their issue with me. Then again, they got ignored, too. Damn. When I go fishing for a shark, I end up with tadpoles at the end of my fishing rod. Shucks… oh well… Until the next time I speak to Wale, this gets filed under “TheShruggingShoulders”…

I dont know about this one, we may just have to watch and wait...I think if it came to diss tracks I'd bet on CH over Wale, but Wale can spit so its a tossup.

Before I Go To The Store For My Girl

Yea thats a song title, long as heck isnt it?

The song has a really good sample to go with the beat and Im really starting to respect Mr.Hamilton.

I should try to interview that nigga!(ahhh ambitions...)

Insert Long ass song title here


Would You Please Pass the Rubiks Cube?

Makes no sense? They're salt & pepper shakers, they could've illustrated that a little better though (kinda looks like they're pooping a little)

The other thing where's the S & P that lets you know which is which?

Despite the design flaws it's a hell of an idea.


Are You Serious!?

OMJ they're giving Plies a Flavor of Love type show. This is the trailer:

I think for THIS ONE it would be more appropriate to point out whats right about the video (because Id die typing pointing out all the wrongs)



It comes in HD on YouTube (that's something)

Die slow, Mr.Plies

Iron Baby

Have you ever looked at Iron Man and thought:

"I bet a baby in an Iron Man suit would be adoooorable"

Well if so then this (or a blow to the head) may be for you!

Gay Fish Full Song

They released a full CD quality version of this.

As comedic as it is...the novelty is wearing off sooooo get it quick

Do You Like FishSticks?


Kanye On South Park

It was preeeety funny (and I WAS gonna be the first to blog about this...but I got lazy)

They made at least half of the episode about his ego, the auto-tune, and about him being a possible closet homo but if you look at his blog (in the links down there) he took it in stride (which is awkward)


Check it out here

If These Are Real...

They WILL be the ones I (most likely) will buy!

Especially after I noticed the Black colorway has pink in it (Im not that open to wearing pink).

Wait I should've definitely made that title "If These Are R3AL"...ahhh too late


The First Was Better...

Rick Ross - Maybach Music 2 Feat. T-Pain Kanye, and Lil Wayne

I actually liked the first better (wonder where I heard that before...) and although the beat sounds like it should be epic, it could be better.

But Wayne Pain And Kanye do have pretty good additions.


Like A Boss...

Just a little something awkward and weird to brighten your day (beccause...I love you...no homo where it applies lol)

Can ANYONE explain wtf with the fish!?

Shoe of the Week 28

Yessir (or madam) its a two-fer!
And these are the ones that I shoud've posted last week:


I love them (of course I own them) despite the fact that they are incredibly light colored (against my shoe code). I may take pics of them and post later.

The red sole caught me off guard though and is why Im gonna "make" a shirt to match them. How you ask? That is for a laaaaater post!

Shoe of the Week 27

Oh Crap! I forgot about it...so here's one to make up for it.


Not exactly the most manly design but man are they fresh. Maybe it's because yellow is becoming one of my favorite colors or maybe its because black is one of my favorite colors.

I would wear them though, if I had yen and knew how to read Asian characters.

The DMV - A System Set Up For Failure

I had an appointment for 11:15am to get my Driver License and didn't get to take my test until an hour laaaaater.

There was ONE tester for an HOUR...WTF

Eventually two more came out...at 12:00...and I still had to wait

Of course I passed my test though and am now a licensed (non) driver but time is a necessity that I'll never get back. Just like you wasted your time reading this half-assed post...Ha (karma will neeeever catch me lol)

Young Money - Every Girl Video

A loooot to say about this:

Is that supposed to be a clown car they're all getting out of!?

Drake aka Drizzy aka Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi has the hardest verse but looks incredibly out of place.

Mack Maine SUCKS!

The little animations are kinda funny, I approve.


Yea im kinda lazy...


Notice Anything Different?

Yes the old and beloved header is gone...(it was getting boring)

So in a quick burst I created this new one.

There are still tweaks to make but the fun thing is it leaves open an opportunity for my readers (not the RSS readers though...gotta give up actual page views for this one)

Submit a funny quote and if it's good enough at the end of the week I'll put it on the banner (where the flight school line is)

So yea send in funny quotes (you should probably know my humor by now) and if it's good enough you can reach (semi) fame!

iPod Fun

After watching a YouTube video (Im not gonna link...find one on your own) on how to make a paperclip iPhone/iPod/iDevice stand, I came out with this (the second attempt...):

The vid you see playing should seem familiar (hint:It made me say OMJ) and I left the miscellaneous crap in to prove I really did it and in no way is the stand portable...so it was kinda a waste of time...

The results of a bored bored person....

I Had The Same Idea...

WiiSpray Teaser from Martin Lihs on Vimeo.

A project called WiiSpray integrating the incredible art of graffiti and the fun platform of the Wii...possibly creating a new generation of kiddie vandalists...fun!


A fun music based site (similar to iDaft) to express that creative side of yours.

Check it out HERE


Poke Her Face?

Kid Cudi - Feat. Kanye Common and Lady GaGa

Well...good song + awkward name = on my iPod I guess

And thats not just the name of the song...Lady GaGa sings that as the chorus...wow...subtlety is lost in today's world...lol @ the title anyway though.


Kanye On a Song That Fits...

Beyonce Ego Remix Feat. Kanye

The good thing is the Kanye part is at the beginning in which he uses Ego as a euphemism (substitute for a bad word for those unknowing) for his junk to say the least.

No autotune so I bet you may (or may not) check it out...

Nike Blazer Hi Lite

I really like these (however late I am) and I definitely want the black and Ice Blue ones.

The bad thing about that, I already own black/white and Ice Blue/Old Royal Blazers....



For IPod vs. Apple

Dont be fooled (like me) If you ever buy off of EBay DONT CHEAP OUT.

Ever since a certain negro lost my original iPod headphones I've been trying to find a cheap replacement. So of course I was lead to EBay (Big mistake)

If you do plan to buy from there dont trust anything labeled "for iPod" or anything labeled similarly. It's usually fake. Apparently there is a Chinese brand of headphones named "FOR IPOD"

Bullshi...you get the point. I've been duped twice although its a good thing I didn't lose paper money (Paypal from that soulless sellout post that I wont link to) so watchout and look for the actual name if you're looking for them.

The quality of the fakes are decent but they will break immediately and with no warning...beware


April Fools Day

To ME is a day thats an excuse for people to be assholes to each other.

BUUUUT, my friends dont need an excuse to be assholes (really, they practice it as a profession) And by proxy that means I dont need an excuse to be an asshole (although I have a much higher moral code...maybe) so it's just a regular day until I really think about it.

I was gonna make a post to fool everbody, but it's already 10:00 and Im tiiiiiiired....sooooo do one yourself (it's called being interactive).

Good news though I did get like two good Fool's jokes today (one was re-used...Imani...lol)

aaand there's no such thing as a good April Fools Day picture...so dont expect one...