Random Verse of the Day

BOTH KANYE and DRAKE ripped this song to a new extent, and there for it no longer belongs to Jamie Foxx (sorry, it happens to the best of us)

But seriously I dont know which verse is better:

Who’s that peeking in my window, uhhh
you should let some more skin show,
and if one of these websites get the info,
we can work it out no nintendo,
i just hit alt tab, switching between 2 convo’s
i should just call cabs and bring em both here to the condo,
yeah, normally it ain’t a question,
we would cross paths like an intersection
but she just too far away for affection so i pray that we never lose a connection
cos i remember stacy, she probably hate me,
she used to threaten she had a man to replace me, she talk that sh-t I just hit the escape key,
and then she get mad and wanna go and erase me,
and I remember amy, she used to AIM me,
she stayed up late and used to blame me,
she say i’m too wild, she wanna tame me, I told her even photoshop couldn’t change me,
but you you you got me open girl, why lie,
we ain’t even tryin to settle so why lie,
end the night with a kiss and a bye bye,
no strings attached your love is so wi-fi,

When you take the picture cut off the face and cover up the tattoo by the waist
Let the MC search till I reach third base
And when I get home imma hit home plate
Wait would this be considered our first date
Ye this picture just looks so trashy
Your body make a baller spend cooked coke cash
Plus every good girl wanna go bad
And playboy mags like Stacy dash
Or Kim Kardash and be a lady addict
You know whats a crazy thing
some girls would make you wait longer than ac green
Passion of the Christ 33 year old virgin Thats disrespectful baby don’t encourage him
I like them brown yellow Puerto Rican or Persian
Dashiki kimona or turban
They say I dress white but my swag so urban
Tryin’ my look
I hit em with the text say
Baby you up
Question mark
And she respond yes-s-s-i-r r, r, literally, pun intended

Shoe of the Week 40

[Spike Lee Blazer]

Red Black and White is an automatic freshness but these actually look good, not like they were just thrown together for a Spike Lee co sign.

If I knew where to get them I may since Im in the market for new shoes sooner than later.

For Those In Disguise...

Transformers cufflinks...If I dressed up regularly Id LITERALLY BUY THESE.

They look freakin cool in all honesty, the wearer would get mad respect from me.

Something to Look Forward To

July 7th, and the worst part? I will have to buy it myself (with my own money) because I want the f*** out of that song.

Artwork is minimalistic but kinda fits the song

RIP Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson

Im sorry but I dont have enough time to make two seperate posts (and its kinda late news but anyway...) both made changes and impressions in the world that will be around long after we're even gone.

Gone but not forgotten is basically what Im implying.

Foam Parties...

are something like this (except with black people in my case) and they are some of the most fun, crazy, wild, and disgusting parties you'll ever experience.

Long story short, yes there was sexual intercourse...where you ask? Ha ha well son, (or daughter) it happened RIGHT F***ING NEXT TO ME!

Awkward huh?

Other than that I have no complaints except for the heat and lack of air in certain areas.

The end...for now...i guess...what was I talking about?

I Thought This Was Funny As Hell

As long as I can wear em when Im doing flips and shit!!

And if a Bill's employee is reading, Id like my advertising payment in the form of an FSU hoodie...


Shoe of the Week Follow Up

Lupe wore these...remember them from anywhere

Trust my shoe of the week picks people...Im coo like that (yes I left the L off on purpose)

A Success Story...

This is Olivia Munn...

She helped host Attack of the Show on G4 (the video game channel)

She sucked...

She looks good and gave nerds awkward boners...

And now shes got an issue of Playboy...

Lesson: Even if you suck at what you choose you can succeed (sorry Ms.Munn <3 lol)

Kinda Like A Big Deal

I did not watch this so I cant give you my usually witty commentary but I will later and I will (not) post my thoughts about it later.

I really like the song (in fact the title had a run as my text message signature) so It cant be that bad.

The Avatar Movie

Im not going to count it out yet, despite the fact that that looks nothing like Aang and he looks nothing like a child.

I freaking loved that show and if M.Night Shyamalan fucks that up Im gonna be seriously peeved (trying out new vocab...)

Summer 2010 Im going to watch it...and if it sucks this is an open invitation that Im going to hunt you down and castrate you M.Night (no its not...because I could go to jail for that possibly...but Ill blog the hell out of you >_<)

RIP PizzaHut

Apparently Pizza Hut is rebranding as "The Hut"...Die please, marketing/advertising team.

It sounds soo hipster (and not in a good way) and I think that they will lose most of the people who dont know about the switch. I think the conversation would be like this:

"Hey dude...Im soooo stoned"

"Yea Man lets get some Pizza Hut...Im hungry as balls"

"Haha yeah, *dialing number*"
Hello, can I get a large pizza with everything you've got in the kitchen and two and a half P'zones...without the box"

"Ok, Debit...wait what the fuck is The Hut, I want Pizza Hut *throws phone against the wall*"

...I should totally write for FOX shows now.


Funny ass site (almost as funny as FML, really) Im not getting paid for advertising so...thats all Im gonna say lmao...a few of my favorites though:

(303): Some wasted-face girl just asked me what my top 10 sex positions were... I listed off the 4 i actually know then proceeded to list off plant names. It got weird when she said she had tried snapdragon...?

(281): had no condoms so I just made do with an empty doritos bag.

(703): Just woke up wearing a top hat and simpsons boxers. i also found more money in my wallet then what i had before going out, about $1000 more

Free Time

I have some since I dont have to wake up early tommorow...prepare for...



Shoe of the Week 39

[Big Nike High Flinstones]

I only have a couple minutes to type so the reason they are the shoe of the week is because they are fresh and remind me of Chelsea's emo zebra jacket (haha if you're reading this)

The end

Kid Cudder

I was on Twitter (yea I do that now...sometimes) and got a link to this on Kid Cudi's blog and I actually read it because he's becoming one of my more favorite rappers.

Its a bunch of personal thoughts I guess, but I can relate to some, and therefore he gets respect and a blog post.

From the original
" when i was younger i was a bit of a fuck up. didnt really apply myself enough in school like i should’ve and i got in trouble a lot. never did anything cool to really make my mom proud of me until now. yea shes tol me ive made her proud before in my life but i kno ive never made her “yesss my baby boy graduated from college” happy. when people give me compliments i really appreciate that shit more than the person could ever know, i jus shy up and dont know how to respond sometimes becuz im not use to it. if uve ever met me, im very awkward with compliments. no one really ever tol me “hey good job scott” ultimately cuz i never did shit worth congratulating. the most i got was when id be at wutever job i had and the boss would say “good job on cleaning those tables” or “good work organizing the stock room”, which would make me happy cuz atleast i was bein recognized for suttin i fuckin did. my mom doesnt count as far as compliments, its a parents job to be fans of their kids (MESSAGE TO THE PARENTS). this is jus all new to me yall, this life, the attention, the love, the hate, ive spent 25 years of my life jus bein a regular dude who cracks fuckin jokes and loves random comedic films. the reason im writing this is to show u jus a tiny bit of the shit dat runs thru my mind at all times. i literally smoke as much as i smoke to remain chill and calm and not be freaked out when people recognize me. which is impossible lol but the tree helps a lil.


i never got love from chicks like dat, i mean i did but it was mostly cuz of my personality and every so often my looks. so the attention and love from gurls is of course awesome but it makes me wonder, do they like scott, or kid cudi? hell, do they even understand wut i talk about in my songs? thats wut runs thru my brain with every gurl i meet now and its a question ill never b able to answer off the top. i have to watch who i have in my space, my privacy level is at a all time high.

im oblivious to how good u guys say iam, i think im good but i have a lot of growin to do (as we all do). when fans rep how dope of a artist iam and how my lyrics touch them and that im the next new sound of hip hop, its sometimes so surreal i think they’re lying to me jus to make me feel good or jus sayin it cuz im standin right there lol. dats how shy iam, its like “naw they dont really mean dat, they’re jus bein nice”. i thank u all for tellin me these things, it makes me smile everytime.

all in all, i jus want u guys to understand the science behind scott mescudi. damn it, that shoulda been the real subtitle of the album lol oh well.

peace and love til later


@imcudi "
and now you know Scott (haha...how does Scott = Kid Cudi...If you're reading Cudi: please explain that for me lol)


N*E*R*D* Site

Was redone and is now featuring a fun ass game. Its only Left Right and Jump but it features some Everyone Nose sound bytes and funny ass character models.

I recommend it like hell (now Im gonna go facebook it...its that fun(ny))

The Reason...

1. That posts will be scarce (+ some other endeavors...that fit...if you know what I mean)

2. That Im leaving in a couple of hours for 7 weeks

3. That Im mass posting now

4. That I own a microwave (funny story about that)

5. That I made that wallpaper of course...

6. That I'll be doing weekly "Life in College" Posts (with a better title of course)

Im sure there's more but Im too lazy to ponder it right now. (that up there is of course a first draft and bound to change...Im really starting to learn why artists/musicians get pissed when things leak because you just want it to be perfect before everyone sees it...I should post about this soon)

Mass Shoe Post

Too many to make singular posts so lets go one by one.

Pacman Dunks...need I say more...besides they are completely freaking awesome...I will.
They feature strict colors from the original Pacman and they almost look suede to me.

Summer Blazers...I dont know if these are women's styles but they released mens' and womens' in this pack. I like the white ones...enough to buy them really.

Reebok 7 Deadly Sins pack...not too many people really wear Reeboks anymore...and these colors are mighty fruity...but the shoelace charms (or whatever they're called) are pretty damn cool to me for some reason.

Electrolime Blazers...they're fresh. They remind me of the silver and orange combo a certain Mr.Hudson owns but I would actually really buy these (and never wear lime green w/ them...)
That black line around the bottom brings it all together actually.

Jeremy Scott Adidas I've posted before (search if you wanna see what I had to say about them...sorry for being lazy) but I still want the hell out of these (the black pair though) The wings were a hell of an idea that im surpised nobody ever came up with.

The end...(woooo!!!)

Clipse and Ms.Keri - Eyes on Me

Boy oh boy did I not post this for the song (mainly because all the links are dead now). What I want from this post is for somebody to tell me if what I think is going on in this picture really is?

If no one responds...Ill just take it as...you hating me...(please dont hate me)

You can listen (but not download) here

Cudi & 3Oh!3? Sounds Coolio

Yes the super group you've never heard of 3Oh!3 (pronounced three oh three...thank you chelsea lol) and Kid Cudder on the same song....well its really more of Cudi freestyling over a modified beat of it but its pretty good.

And the song is of course still funny as sheet (cant curse too much on here...)

Take a peek feel sniff listen

Digital Girl

Def. havent listened to (much 0f ) the song, but it sounds good so far. Drake and Ye were all it took for me to listen to it honestly (no homo of course...I just enjoy their music...more than ice cream cones)

Link here (before its removed of course)

We Are Not Losers...

Lupe's site changed to reflect Lasers...That pic up theres is some good fucking design honestly. Its plain but eye catching and the anarchist A over Losers pulls it together.

Im excited, waiting for it to "shine down" sooner or later.


An Artistic Thought...

This has got to be one of my best works really? Its just so great for some reason.

If you think about it it really tells a story (which is the way I designed it...some of you I actually told you WHY I made it...but not for the blog) If you read it from right to left it goes something like this:

Do You Like Me?


Never say never...bitch (okay thats not really in there but it's my story here...)

And you can tell its really great because I like it waaaaay better than the inverted version (which is mainly black...duh)

I could really talk for hours about this thing, I freaking love this shit...gosh...its great (unless thats just because Im the artist and...a part of it lol)


Giant Robots!!!

This is a result of the eccentricity of Japan (and why I want to visit sometime)They created a giant robot replica of the original mobile suit Gundam robot.

It lights up and I think it may move but just the fact that it's there (scaring the poop out of alien invaders) makes me feel all fuzzy (and nerdy) inside.

I've gotta take a MyspaceFacebook picture with it one day.

You're a Jerk...

Yep its the sensation thats sweeping part of the nation (or maybe vacuuming...mopping?...are these cleaning jokes doing it for ya?)

Yea I identify with jerking for some reason (I actually might be somewhat good) so for as much as I kinda like this song the video made me smh for many reasons.

For one those are the tightest, most sperm-killingest skinny jeans I've seen in a while. For two I saw my freaking blue Blazers (arghhhh) and Mr.Stokes' purple ones too...For three...Idk it just feels weird to like a song made for a dance (especially after Solja boy and what not)

Im gonna stop ranting now so watch and dont feel awkward if you wanna jerk to it (best. sentence. on. the. blog.)


Shining Down - Lupe & Matthew Santos

Seems to be the story of the day. Atlantic is trying to hunt down leakers and Lupe's leaving comments on well known blogs and what not (not mine is what not) all over this one (awesome ass) song.

I definitely wont post a link because thats just not something I want on my conscience/record but you should be able to find it if you really want it.

The song is complete fiyah, really a top ten Lupe song and the bad thing is its not the finished version (matthew Santons claimed that the reverb on the chorus isn't right) and although thats true I've gotta say as a semi-producer it sounds like it could go out just like that.

As far as the leaking, Lupe's gotta reevaluate his crew because email hacking doesn't sound easy or worth it just for one song (as fiyah as it is) I think even though its leaked it can only do good for him, this little preview has the internet on fire and everyone likes the song, I honestly haven't heard anything bad, and sometimes you've gotta give a little to make a lot in my opinion.

Lasers is definitely gonna be in my collection when it comes out though.


Random Verse of the Day

Yep I've been slacking on these lately, so heres a decent one and hopefully you'll forgive me:

""Pick a lane, pick a lane" that's all I ever heard
but I'm just trynna swerve, without hittin the curb
that's why I spend thousands on bottles so I can pop them
and take photos with hater niggas and crop them
I am not them
I photoshop them out cause they don't understand what I'm bout
yea, the chris paul of this fall sittin this tall I float high,
goodbye I will miss ya'll

Drake - Stunt Hard

Another Shoe Post...

Im sorry but these are the shoes I turned down for the Shoe of the Week honor and Im mainly posting them to show the box (besides their freshness)

The Gold Nike SB box is a thing of the past in favor of blue apparenlty...

Shoe of the Week 38


It was a hard choice but I've been doing too many skate shoes lately so I'll do some mainstream ass Jordans...

These are cool because of the breakaway-ish style they show around the ankle, thats one of the things I like about Jordans (the price is what I dont...oh and the multiple fruity colors)

They'll be going for $115...so yea...I'll definitely NOT be owning a pair of these if its up to MY wallet but they are definitely pretty fresh. And the name is actually a stroke of genius (especially since I cant think of names very well)


My First Attempt At Photo "Correction"

I dont really like the term photo "correction" because photos are meant to show exactly what a person looks like (except in the cases of us non-photogenic people) and the "business" has gotten too dependent on portraying an untrue picture of people lately.

I like to keep it classic so if and when I get into the "business" I'll try to keep the "correction" to a minimum (even at the cost of profits...probably)

So this is me w/ a seminole logo (vain I know) and some fruity little cool fucking swirls (excuse my French) and I even did a little "correction" on some small blemishes to see if I could still do it.

Im posting it on facebook too so dont look at it too hard...and maybe I'll post the original w/ markups of what I "corrected"

Twitterbook Space

So with the whole usernames thing Facebook is implementing everyone thinks that Facebook is copying Myspace when in truth (truth being my opinion of course) they're trying to be more like Twitter.

So to recap Myspace is trying to be like Facebook and Facebook is using the whole new setup to show everyone's every move and that reminds me of Twitter (I have one but dont use it often.

Adding the "usernames" is like giving a quick Twitter link...if they allowed you to change your name (like some people add a vanity middle name) THEN it'd be more like Myspace.

Moral of the story Twitter might be the next big thing so I guess I'll have to start getting to know it...even though if Facebook stays the course in my opinion it would still be the best.

Budlight + Porno = Hilarity

So a guy walks into what looks like a corner store for some budlight and porno and walks out with a story that could lead some people to suicide...

::::::SPOILER ALERT::::::

LMAO at "Check under the counter, that's where we keep all of the really weird shit"


I honestly haven't heard the song yet and for all I know the song could suck...but its the Kid and he's been on a good streak with me lately so Im posting it here to listen to it later

Nike SB Spring 2010 Preview

As I said Im becoming somewhat of a sneakerhead so I noticed this little preview on my Google Reader.

There are definitely a loooot of dunks in here and I really like the black and white ones and the greyish brownish ones at the top left...the otheres have some...odd...color choices. Like the Blazers...odd color choice.

Expect these next year though...which means there may be some changes and what not...I dont know


Rebel Without A Name

A few of my recent works (I posted on Facebook) and I think Im getting better in my opinion...I love it when I go from lost and idealess to having a spark to producing that finished product.

My only real problem is I need a brand name and I am so lost on that front. A few I thought of are AKrOnyM, TWOface, and INVERSE

They're not as great as they could be, so if you have any ideas let me know...please

Paper Air Yeezy's

This is such a well executed idea. Papercraft looks pretty cool to me (I tried it and it didnt work out so well though)

This Filippo Perin guy actually did a good job capturing the shoe, down to the strap.

Crack A Bottle

One of the creepiest things I've ever seen in my life...

Just wow...

I like the song...

But this is just way too creepy for what should be a club like song...


Shoe of the Week 37

[Alexander Lee Chang Sk8 Hi]

I decided to do something non-nike this time and these look pretty hot...despite the fact that there are an enormous amount of checked vans.

The thing about these is that both of those styles up there happen on one shoe, checkered one side blacked out the other. This is a pretty cool concept and it works out for them

The only thing I dont like is whatever that is on the sole...it seems tacked on.

Birthday Synopsis

It was pretty good, despite the fact that Myspace changed my birthday to Jan. 1, 1909 so nobody on there knew it was my birthday (despite the fact that nobody goes on there anymore) Facebook showed love and even MyCokeRewards sent me an email.

I got three shirts and a hat (I guess I'll start wearing hats) so thanks to my brother, Jaleel (ha, you're names on the internets now)

Seatbelts may save you in a crash, but when you're not moving dont wear them or else you're basically being held down for people to hit you.

Never dance in an elevator unless you know all of the people inside (kyle)

Never play pool around drunk guys who think they can teach you (kinda creepy)

And I cant throw up a middle finger on my right arm because its still sore from people who hit with rings.

Also, apparently today is Kanye's birthday (happy birthday if he actually reads this...I doubt it) so that means I share a B-day with Prince, and come a day before Kanye...June produces some pretty fresh (and/or weird) people...better yet Geminis as a whole fit that description.

The Cleveland Show Trailer

It looks like its gonna be as funny as Family Guy (if not more than....wait is that possible?)

I wiki'd it so I know why Cleveland Jr. is fat but its still funny as hell to see him/ hear him talk. The little boy definitely cant be as funny as Stewie but he looks like he may come close and I cant wait to see more of the Bears (I lol'd)

Looks cool, and thanks to Mani for putting me on game to this (since she looooves that phrase so much lol...omg two lol's in one post...win? or is it fail?)

Hammer Pants Meets Skinny Jeans

One of the most incredible things I've seen on Youtube. I love when a bunch of people can get together and gets something funny/incredible/memorable done. (as opposed to our senior class who had no organizational skills)

Its also funny as hell that they all (kinda) know the choreography and had the timing down and everything.


18 Years Old

Me, not the blog, is this who I thought I'd be when I was in the second grade? I doubt it but who the eff cares what a jit thinks (joking of course...wheres the lol? Not on the blog...well not much)

I thought Id feel different or whatever, but I came to realize Im gonna be a big ass kid forever probably...so keeping with the irresponsibility of childhood I might be too lazy to post anything tommorow/today (its about 12:10 pm so it could be either)

So yea, Happy Birthday To Me


Post High School Pre College

Describes my life right now:

Semi-boring days (filled with video games and photoshop) and semi-eventful nights (parties, get togethers, movies, and what not)

Im kinda pissed though that I get an extra short summer since I have to report to FSU in like 14 days...missing two confirmed and possibly more unconfirmed parties

Although I lose track of the days Im generally happy right now, guess Im going to college soon, leaving some people behind (Ill be back...a lot) 18th birthday tommorow (being June 7) and a bunch of other things are tumbling through my head but I dont feel like typing anymore...so im outty

Drake News

That's the art for "Best I Ever Had" and although it has no sexy beaches (haha phonetics) its apparently supposed to commemorate the digital culture that helped Drake get so hot (on the charts of course)

Its a fresh (as in unused) idea and therefore deserves a blog post.

Oh and apparently there was a fake Drake album sold on iTunes (dont buy it...should go without saying) I always wondered how easy it would be to cheat the iTunes system...apparently its pretty easy.

Heaven At Nite

Such a mellow song, and yet it fits so much for me right now. Cudi just got massive cool points for the song and video combo from me (due to circumstance)

The video has some pretty artistic directing, but it feels kinda short (thats what she said)

Long story short I like it



How could I go a DAY without posting some fresh shoes (I've become a bit of a sneakerhead lately) and the best part is these are white...and I like them (that's pretty rare...because Im too lazy to keep them clean)

Something about the black bottom thingy (gotta google the name of that) makes them feel safe (as in I wont have to clean them that often) and the yellow accent makes them look like shoes that you could go jerkin in

Im not gonna write an essay about them so...the end

Worst I Eva Had - Young Cash

I listened to it because the title caught me by surprise and made me L My F'ing A Off (someone should make an acronym out of that)

The song is only a C to B in terms of laughs though, you should still check it out though

Paranoid Video

KANYE WEST "PARANOID" feat: RIHANNA Dir: NABIL from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

The real one (making the other fake...dummy)

I actually really like it, its like a modern version of "Thriller" (despite the fact that I personally dont really get the wolf)

I also noticed that the music is altered, probably to add a little extra shock and make everything look more surreal and crazy...speaking of crazy...that car Rihanna's driving is pretty impractical (who's ever heard of a one seater...besides formula one)

Long story short, I approve, good job on this one Ye (omg I hope he reads thisssss...no homo...)



One of my FAVORITES songs from College Dropout (it still gets me through some times in life) I personally like the video.

Kanye said he directed it four years ago but never released it because he didnt like it, but I think it accurately portrays the feeling of the song. The water thing with GLC is a little obscure but it probably makes sense to somebody

Check it out

An Optimal Ring

(god i hate myself for that title) but is that not something you're willing to pay a LOT of money for?

That is an Optimus Prime Ring for true (via the Awesomer) and I think that not only is it a true piece of art, it is incredibly fresh.

Im obviously not very descriptive today so I'll end on that...and with a frowney face :( (see how disappointed he is...)


Its about time for another site review (similar to the previous one, if you care...you dont have to) This site is called mobilefun.co.uk and if you haven't put it together its a site for mobiles (or cell phones and etc.)

This is a pretty good site if you're looking for standard phone accessories. They definitely have nokia accessories, nokia 5800 cases, nokia e71 cases, and nokia dc-4 accessories. Basically its a good place if you know what you want (if you dont then god help you...) and if you dont then it's a good place to look.

Its very well known that Im a design whore so looking at the site aesthetically there are good and bad points. Its definitely not hard to find what you want on the page and the color pallette is not annoying and blaring like most sites. Its also funny that one of the first things I saw on the site was a bluetooth dongle (which is the funniest, least descriptive word ever created for a technological item)

It looks like a pretty legit site (legally and production wise) mainly because I see HTC accessories which usually take a little effort to find (believe me the Tytn 2 user) I see bundle deals and after all, who doesn't love buying in bulk (to save cash of course) Not that its anything out of the ordinary, but they have a pretty good selection of iPod Touch / iPhone accessories, chargers, headphones, and general what nots.

Its about that time to start closing this on up so I figure all I can say is visit it once or twice and maybe buy something if it fits your needs (no need to go wild just because i suggested it) But its a decent site with a legit purpose as far as I can tell ( you can still go through all of your normal precautions if you decide to buy from it...because I didnt lol...omg an lol)


Random Verse of the Day

I've kinda fallen off on these so I'll probably start doin this as random verse of the week (or maybe I'll get a burst of vitality...who knows?)

"Heyy Honey You Remember Me?
Im The One You Burned To The Third Degree
I'm The One You Sent To The Emergency
Im The One Who Text You It's Urgent
Please Call Back
And You Replied For Back With A Bunch Of LOL's You Typed In All Caps
And Im Like Aww Snap Is This Who I Dealt With
Such Immaturity On This Slim Pelvis
Slick.....and Shit Im Selfish?"

88 Keys - Ho Is Short For Honey

A Blazer Conundrum

These particular Blazers are made for USC (as shown in the Red/yellow colorway) and I frickin love em (because they're red, and Blazers)

The only problem? I am definitely not a Trojan...

So I'll leave it up to the reader, is it betraying my Seminole fam' to wear those? Heres ol' yelling face (what I call him) to compare.

Stone Cold Freshness

Supra Skytops have been pretty fresh since they came out, and I'd definitely wear some (especially if I wore skinnies) but they definitely cost a lot.

These are accompanied by a black/red/gree/gold pair that also look good.

Mr.Popularity Video

And the award for raw ass concept goes to the Cons. It kinda reminds me of coverflow on the iPod but way mo' fresher (to quote kanye)

And the best part is it gives me some design inspiration.