Kanye Storytellers

Is fresh and I felt weird for being excited like its a real concert.

He said a cool ass quote though: "You either die a hero, or live to be a villain"
Fresh is it not? But he goes on to say "Im chillin!"
UPDATE: I Just realized that came from Batman

Cant keep my eyes off the mullet...its kinda gay (good thing he cut it off recently)

I wish they didn't cut out the Radiohead diss thing though.

Wow...Chill, Guy

So some dude kept bothering Obama at a basketball game, and all I can say is LMAO. You can tell he wants the guy to just chill out because he never makes eye contact with him.

I can imagine it now:"Oh shit nigga! He dunked that bih...hit me up top Obama!"
And did you notice that in every picture his mouth is wiiiide open like he's yelling at the top of his lungs...even when everyone else is looking in the opposite direction.

Ahhhh good times...and if you cant tell I got the story from MediaTakeOut



How can a man of questionable character, who stomped (and gashed) another players face ON THE JOB (forgot football was his job didn't you?) get

Redskins you understand we're in a recession right? What the heck is up with these guys? Wow...he better be the best player ever (since he's getting payed accordingly)


Droppin Some Factz

Is the most (intentionally) bad headline I could think of...now that you have no expectations of a good post, anything will make a bigger impression on you by comparison (psyched your mind didn't I?)

And now that that tangent is over check out this Mickey Factz (who looks like Lupe) song with a pretty fresh beat.

Jeezy - Circulate Video

A good video, commissioned by Belvedere (which would explain why it looks like a giant commercial) and there are some incredible girls in this one (especially the one thats dancing all over the place)


Jamie Foxx - Blame It Video Feat T-Pain

and a whooole bunch of other people (who have no point for being in the video):

Cameos from Ron Howard, Quincy Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, Forest Whitaker, Jake Gyllenhaal, Cedric The Entertainer, Morris Chesnut, Tatyana Ali, Bill Bellamy, and more.

Directed by Hype Williams.

Too bad it didn't have Jeezy's verse (which is made of LMAO) and No I don't know why so much of 106th & Park is at the end of it...

John Legend - Lay Your Head Down

John Legend songs are always pretty great. Reeeeeally long title though (and Im too lazy to type...ironic since Im blogging)

Link Here (as opposed to that long title)

UPDATE:I fudged that title up, it's fixed now

All Day?

So a certain porn addict I know (and Kanye West, too) hipped me to this pretty cool pic.

The site had this to say about it:
Poster done for the "A CELEBRATION OF JUNE" exhibition, wow! By Corle1(flickr). Having fun creating a typography based on 70´s Porn..
Bold design...


The Buccaneers have released Derrick Brooks, Joey Galloway, Cato June, Warrick Dunn, and Ike Hilliard. And all I can think (or choose to say) is WTF?

Yes, they are all pretty old, but that doesn't mean that they should be cut when they are PROVEN veterans. (Especially with the subpar looking draft class this year)

Raheem Morris I hope you know what you're doing...


Transformers 2

Is definitely not the title, it happens to be Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen but who wants to say (or type) all of that. If you get to watch the trailer in HD (like I did) you'll understand why you (and I) have to see this movie.

Oh yeah, and since it's Micheal Bay you can expect shit to blow up!

Nicole Scherzinger

In honor of 7000 (see how that works guys? ehhh?) another one is inducted into the I Love... Series.

Nicole Scherzinger...(or Scherzenator since Im sooo unsure of the spelling) is pretty sexy. The site that I got the pictures from seems to love to refer to her as Jizzfinger (which was an lmao for about three to four times) and seems to question her fashion choices.

Honestly as a dude, I dont really care just look at those pictures down there:

Space Invaders!

Gosh I have been posting about a lot more Space Invaders than I have expected (check the label below) but this shirt is too fresh to ignore. And at $18, who could say no.

If you don't get it you've never played Space Invaders (that's the path they follow...dramatic whispers don't work on the interwebs)

Shoe of the Week Follow Up

As I have said in many Shoe of the Weeks I own(ed) this pair...sadly in the last few weeks they have been...retired (due to circumstances beyond my power...wear and tear).

Buuut, as I said here, I bought a new pair of shoes to replace them (as if anything could...Im sentimental like that)...and guess what just got here today!

My new Nike Blazers! (yaaaay...crowd noise...cooool)

I love (and will be wearing) them alot. And SkateParkOfTampa.com jampacked the box full of stickers and magazines (which I dont really need so if you want them just ask me) and made me feel like I really spent my money (as opposed to just burning it).

The only problem is that they are skinny as hell (and my wide ass feet disagree) they stretch after a while but I would still suggest to anybody buying a pair (with wide feet of course) that you buy a size larger.

Enough of my blabber, however Im still trying to decide between white and black laces (since they came laced black I'll be wearing those first) so leave your thoughts in the comment box.

And enjoy a couple shots (do NOT crack on my dirty floor and/or door):


Shoe of the Week 22

I really like Blazers now (mine should be arriving tommorow) but if I hadn't already ordered them, I would have found a way to get these:


Wondering why they're named Trickstar? (If you are...you just may be a redneck dummy) But that is why I like them. The stars make the shoe. I don't know how much metallic gold a straight male should wear but that's for the wearer to decide.

The only problem with these (and the reason I wont be providing a link)? They cost somewhere around $250...so yea...


More Stupid Fun

Ever looked at a site and thought "Wow, this would look great with a fat strip of bacon slapped across it"....


You Sure?

Well, neither have I but you have to give bacolicio.us points for trying. And it is pretty funny for the first few sites.

Oh yeah and spoon if you thought I took a picture of my computer screen with bacon on it...and if you dont know what spoon is...spoon again (ask somebody lol...omg thats the second time I've said lol on the blog)

New Songs Feat. Kanye

Im waaay too lazy to make two posts (gosh thats a lot of work) so here are two songs that have something in common.

The Dream - Walking on the Moon Feat. Ye

T-Pain - Flight School Feat. Ye

Spoiler Alert!!! If you hate autotune you probably shouldn't listen to theeeeese (I wish there was a way to whisper sarcastically on the internet....and sigh)


I've noticed over the past few months that people are assholes. Haven't you noticed that when you're a nice person, certain people just have the desire...no NEED...to see how far they can push you?

I mean what are you trying to prove? Oh Im just that cool that I can ruin a nice persons life and get away with it. Try that shit (excuse my language) with another asshole and see what happens, because honestly a nice person knows how to hide how much of an asshole (or goon if you're that kinda person) they are...but EVERYONE has asshole in them.

That is why from this day forth Im not holding back, Im lettin the goon/asshole out every chance I get and if you're reading this and feel like "uh oh, I fucked up..."(once again I let my Christian Bale out) you more than likely did (but the real assholes wont have enough foresight to realize it until its too late)

(Wow I just re-read this and I sound like a murderer. In NO way am I condoning violence...but hey some people never learn until...)


Since When is Weave Bulletproof?

Woman deflects a bullet with...her weave. This story is pretty uninteresting to me...but it is incredible that FOX would go so low to show "unbeWEAVEable" on their station.

Wow, they suck.


Everything Looks Cool Inverted

In these two recent pieces of mine I made it a MISSION to use as much white as possible...but when I was bored a minute ago and used invert, I noticed just how fresh they look predominantly black.

What are your thoughts?

Day N Nite

The official video for Day N Nite by KiD CuDi (Im pretty sure you have to type it like that) and it is quite fresh. Love the cartoon-ey look similar to what I'd do if I was a rapper who was making a music video.

But I remembered some screenshots that weren't in this one so I found out that they were on the Crooker's Remix version's video (which is a lot funnier and has waaaaay more sexy girls in it).

CuDi gets respect for these (although he does have a really bi...prominent jaw)

Day 'N' Nite from Pete Rock on Vimeo.



It seems so plain but I really like it. And if you read it from right to left it gains some kind of story. Oh yeah and it wouldnt be art if there wasn't some hidden meaning...too bad I wont divulge that.

And of course...Never Say Never

Racism!!!!- You Decide!

It took me quite a minute to get it (bad cartooning) but there is a consensus that it may be racist. However when I read the comments in MediaTakeOut (wonder where I saw that before...) I saw a more funny explanation than the writer calling Obama a monkey...that should be shot (yea, doesn't look so good in writing huh Sean Delonas)

The guy said:
What the artist is trying to imply is that the stimulus plan was written by a monkey. Keeping in mind that Congress wrote the plan,namely white politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid , I think the cartoon is racist against whites. We are not all hairy apes and I resent the implication.
and all I could say was:

So yea, racist or not? You Decide!

Drake - Congratulations

The bonus track from So Far Gone, and it has to be THE DOPEST on the CD. The beat is pretty damn cool and it sampled Viva La Vida (but not like Swizz Beats)

And here's the link

Kanye West - You Decide!

is an enigma...he is either the most secure in his manhood as possible, or very very homosexual. Lets look at the points of interest:

This statement:
In the past two, three years, all the gay people I’ve encountered have been, like, really, really, extremely dope. Y’know, I haven’t, like, gone to a gay bar, nor do I ever plan to.

But where I would talk to a gay person — the conversation would be mostly around, like, art or design — it’d be really dope.
Is one for the very, very gay side. I dont know if he's noticed, but talking about that kind of stuff seems like...flirting. Sooo in the words of Dave Chappelle "nighty night, keep your butthole tight"

Then there is the mullet thing:

It can either be him trying to be different and have a certain "swag"(god I hate that word), or it can be him making a slow transition out of the closet...

There was also that picture a while ago where he and his entourage look like the gay rodeo, buuut the only really homo looking one is the guy in the leopard skin skinnys (and if you remove him they just look like normal dorks...with all due respect)

I dont really care to examine it anymore, as long as he keeps making good music (and lets hope for a rap album next) I cant really say anything either way...so you decide!


Generation LOST!

This B.o.B. song is in the top ten list of most truth spit in one song. He's becoming one of my favorite rappers and let me stop talking before I sound like a pole jockey.

Welcome to Heartbreak!

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Cool video, very artistic, but I dont know if my computer didnt completely buffer or load or something, cuz it has that pixelly effect that you get when a YouTube video doesn't load all the way.

If that was the desired efffect, its pretty cool (and seizure enducing) if not I look like a dummy.



I dont even watch basketball, but I DO know that if you get outsmarted by Shaq...you just effed up...period, p-u-r-e-u-d. (and if you dont get that...google it)

Be There!

March 6, 2009 (or maybe 7th) Sawgrass Cinemas...be there (or dont so that its not too crowded) this movie will be incredible(or suck to high heaven, but lets hope for incredible)


Another artistic creation of mine (no matter how quick I made it) the only thing is, I noticed that my art is starting to kinda convey a love sick school boy kinda thing...hope I dont end up 808 & Heartbreaked (or broken).

Hey, its still fresh


Shoe of the Week 21


Theyre Blazers (of which family I plan to buy a pair) and they have that smudgey splattery look that I love. And and and they're only going for $78 which is actually considered cheap now. They're also dedicated to baseball (and black people) legend Jackie "I wanna be a black baseball player" Robinson (yet there is no black pair...CONSPIRACY!!!)

The only problem is the colors they're coming in: Dark Grey, Varsity Red, and Court Blue. Of course I would have preferred a black pair but if it comes down to it the Dark Grey ones look cool enough.

They release in May, goota get those.

Friday the 13th

Was a pretty great movie (even though I saw it on Saturday the 14th...and although the experience could have been better) and surprise surprise:

Jason has CHANGED (tiny Spoiler alert)

He runs, he jumps, he set traps, he shoots a bow and arrow.

Oh yeah and he kills (but thats not so important)

The best thing about the movie I'd have to say was when the (only) black guy got smart (after getting dumb to go save his friend) and got a weapon and a frying pan shield...as is the custom though...he didnt...aww nevermind you know already. And when he got away and took off running everyone in the movie theater gave him alot of applause because he well...acted like a normal person rather than the idiotic movie people.

I dont feel like typing anymore so I'll leave on that

Things I Hate About The Movies

Well I've been at the movies a lot lately (usually I'd just get the bootleg) and for all the good (however little it may be) there are a lot of things that people do that annoy me (even though Im sure Im annoying others in return)

I would say the top three things (beside the outrageous prices) that annoy me are:

#3 - The Police Presence!
We all know that some dns has gone down (or will) but that is no reason to clear EVERYONE out (or make the others take the long way around to avoid it)

#2 - People Who Skip In Line
This is not as big a deal (especially since I skip when necessary) but when you jump in front of somebody and try to explain why you deserve to be there...its pretty douchebaggy

#1 - People Who Dont Respect Boundaries
And by that I mean when you leave a seat between yourself and a friend of the same sex ITS THERE FOR A REASON and just because the movie theater is packed tighter than Jessica Simpson in skinny jeans (no offense to Romo) that doesn't mean you can sit there with people you DONT KNOW and try to have movie conversation like we're friends. Im probably one of the friendliest people ever (because I hate awkard moments) but respect my space please (unless you're a girl, then you are very welcome to the seat)

However like I said, Im sure I annoy other people so heres a bonus on what is cool:

Yelling Out Funny Stuff
We all hate the idiot who talks to the movie, but when you actually yell out stuff thats funny, you get instant cool points (although most in the theater dont know you) so when you yell out "Oh it looks so REAL" during My Bloody Valentine 3D and everybody laughs, everyone has fun (or I just annooyed the ones who are actually into the movie)


New Simpsons Intro

Long ass eternity but still cool, and apparently (according to the Amajanese Blog where I saw it) this is the first time all characters where shown in it (possibly because they stuffed eveybody in, in anyway they could...thats what she said...or did...you get the joke)

"HDTV is worth every cent"

Drake - So Far Gone Quick Review

To be quick about it, I like the mixtape even though it is 50% or more for chicks. I still really like the song "Little Bit" (so much that I might Google Lykke Li) "Uptown" is also very good.

For some reaason it took me a little while to realize it was a mixtape (even though its clearly labeled as so)

Quick rating 4 out of 5 (I would've wanted a few more tracks)

Oh yeah and this is DEFINITELY not a PAID review (but it could be)

Valentines Day

Is probably the fakest holiday ever, but it is great (even though everyone was convinced that yesterday was V-Day when today really is)

Speaking of yesterday, great day.

The dance was great as well...even though I lost half of my hearing and there is a constant ringing in my head...and of course the ignorant dns fight afterwards...and of course all 18 people who stepped on my shoes.

Still great though, and if plans go right I'll be seeing Friday the 13th tonight (on Saturday the 14th...the REAL Valentines day) so yea.


So are you looking for a new or used car (wow this sounds bad) well Autotropolis may be the online location of your dreams. After checking out the site I notice that they are trying to help you find a good price and in a good place, as close as your own neighborhood is what they say. They give Dealer ratings, reviews, maps and everything else thats necessary. If you're searching for a Kia , or Used Kia, or Kia Rebates this is also a good place.

Whats funny is they have a Wiki set up, which is a pretty good idea. A Wiki is of course like Wikipedia where you can edit all the articles so everyone gets in a say. And oddly enough they have videos too.

The artist in me says that the front page is a little busy but once you get past that you see that there is some useful stuff up there, the artist in me also says that the logo is cool, but could be better (after all everything can be better)

There are blogs and a forum so they're obviously trying to get some user integration and maybe even build a loyal fanbase that will keep coming back even after you buy the car. Or maybe theyre there for people to read others opinions on the car they are or are thinking about buying.

They understand that gas is getting kinda sky high so there is a page dedicated to hybrids and researching hybrid cars. (and Im really starting to run out of stuff to talk about but I gotta meet those three hundred words) Speaking of Hybrids they just kinda taught me that the actually is the top in gas mileage (even though it looks pretty uncool...sorry to the Prius owners...but at least you dont have to review sites on your blogs to buy shoes with all of your damned saved gas money)

I've Officially Sold Out

Yea, every once and a while from now on you may notice a review posted here...and for that Im Sorry. Ughh, I hate myself for it (and I feel like MC Hammer)

But I really like money so until I get a better gig, you're gonna have to deal with it.



You Buy New Clothes Just To Hide Those Scars!

Yes that IS a line from the ever so trill song "The Instrumental" by Lupe Fiasco. And it describes the situation im in right now.

Im am going to buy new shoes (since I've had to retire at least two pairs already) and I have a tough choice to make (especially since it's going to be EXPENSIVE)

I've gotten the race down to two candidates:


Please leave your thoughts in el commento section as I WILL be ordering on Monday.


Im not a real hat guy...but these are fresh (and comic book-ey and I AM a comic book nerd)

Apparently they're monochrome by design and Batman themed (omg what a surprise!!1!1)

Would've been cooler if they made a Joker themed one (in honor of Heath Ledger of course)

Drake-So Far Gone

Drake (as in that nigga from Degrassi) released So Far Gone and I've gotta say

I dont know the tracklist

I've only heard like five songs (that I really liked)

and...he was on Degrassi

But this CD is already on my iPod.



A flash drive fashioned after a skateboard...why didn't I think of that.

I know a certain Sk8'er who would enjoy this.

I wonder if you can play with it like one of those finger skateboards that aren't that cool or easy to use at all.


Last Words on Chris Brown

I really cant think of anything to blog about...so I'll give my last thoughts on the CB Rihanna bout.

I keep hearing that she started it and they have violent fights all the time...but Rihanna is a girl...so Chris no matter how right you may have been, you're always gonna be wrong (with the complete exception of all the teenage girls that would stand by you if you killed someone).

If I was in his position I dont know what I would've done because its either look like a sissy who runs from a girl's hits (even if she has the skills to stand up to a dude) or look like a wife-beater sissy.

Doublemint gum apparently dropped him and his ads so he gets no more cash flow and he'll never really be able to get his rep back so he was in a real lose-lose situation

Last words: find a good girl gone bad buddy

Be My Scribble-tine

Yea remember how I said I'd make more...I kept my (pseudo)promise!

My favorite of all of them would have to be the the crossbones one down there or the one with the pink wings (yet Im still so manly).

I found a couple of iPod Touch apps that seem to be Valentine related, maybe I'll review em later.


Im On A Boat!

I never thought I'd see the day when an attempt at comedy sounded good enough to put on my iPod.

Wow SNL should really pay me for this advertising.


A Not So Cold Play

Coldplay and Jay-Z Performing "Lost" and "Viva La Vida" at the Grammys...my two favorite songs from them.

That piano looks cool, but the drums and bell that the bald guy plays just add something to Viva La Vida, speaking of which is supposed to be based on Napoleon (the short guy not the spaz)

How Could You Chris?

Why not get arrested for something cool...now you're just a wife beater!

Funny story though, I heard somebody say that he did it because she gave him a herpe...thats right, not herpes...just the singular one (obviously a slip of the tongue but i lmao'ed)


Shoe of the Week 20

20 weeks equals about 5 months right...incredible...that Im not getting paid for this yet.

The Greedy Genius Cool Breeze Turbo

Are fresh....but I will never own them. I've been paying attention to Greedy Genius ever since Lupe and Bun B designed for them and Im not disappointed.

But the reason I will never own a pair is because they start at $120...never will I pay that much for shoes. But they're still fresh.

This is...Incredible

It is in NO way as dirty as you think it is...click the picture for the full story on one of my more alluring followers' blog.

Valentine Day Scribbles

So I was Scribbling again (kinda forgot about the Scribble of the Day) and decided to do some Valentines Day stuff.

And here they are:

The first is the template for the second two (and the others that I may or may not do)

The Good Thing About The Pro Bowl

Is that its just like a game of Madden. You see all the fun stuff that nobody does during the regular season.

There were laterals, jump balls, 4th down plays, and all Larry Fitzgerald (who should be a Buccaneers >_<) beasted out again....ahhhh good times.

I Have Seen The Epitome of DNS

DNS: Dumb Nigga Shxt

I mean no disrepect by the word nigga (in fact its one of my favorite words) but I mean all disrespect in the world when I apply the tag DNS to something.

The Stanky Legg (ohhh its so cool to misspell words!) is the epitome of all DNS in the world.

Not only is the song terrible but the video involves all things associated with dumb niggas: sexy girls, dancing, unnecessary special effects, basketball, the word "swagg" (ooo I hate that word so much), and probably more but I just could not watch anymore without killing myself (it's kinda like watching the Ring tape)

I in no way will post that crap and make them feel better about themselves so I'll link to Self-Grandeur where I found out about this abomination.

MLK would be so proud of them...


One of THE Funniest Blog Posts Ever...

I like to think that I am the most witty and funny guy on the internet (or at least top 10) but when I see a post like this...I die...of laughter

Im sure only like 4 people on earth understand this joke but let me halfway explain...the guy he's talking about did some...questionable things to another guy in a tiger mascot suit during a pep rally that was so funny we (I) coined the term "Date Rape Walden (or Waldon...or is it Walten?)"

So yeah if you're interested click the picture for the blog.