Shoe of the Week 27

Is postponed til either Thursday or Friday
It's a surprise (to some...)


Mr.Desolate-Civilization himself showed me that Im not alone in the world on his thoughts about texting.

The way I see it texting is the best way to communicate. You dont have to talk, leaving you open to multi-task and...you dont have to talk.
Talking can lead to cracking voices (making you look quite bitch-made in earshot of people you most likely dont want to sound bitch-made to) and you have to reply pretty quick to hold a phone conversation. Oh and dont get me started on awkward silences (in fact I may make another post about that)

Texting gives you time to formulate the perfect thing to say or even to hint that you're ready to stop communicating (with one word answers...or even complete ignoring) I once held what would have been a 20

And if my shoulder didn't feel like it was gonna detach Id say some more but you obviously get the point already.


I keep putting this off (laziness...sorry) but I wanna post it now so I can say I've been there from the start (really I've known about it for about a 3 or 4 weeks).

FML stands for Fuck My Life, a saying I first heard in one of my favorite movies, Superbad.

And some incredibly smart (nad lucky) person created a site for people to post their FML moments. It is great for those days when you wonder if anybody is worse off than you.

I also love how now they're making FML shirts (proves the lucky bastard is smart)...maybe I should make R3AL shirts...like anyone would wear those...

No pic for this post...since I cant find a logo...dammit



Isn't necessarily that cool to me...well let me rephrase that, it isn't that necessary to me.

The way I see it, Twitter is for people with relevant info and little time; otherwise they could just get a regular blog (like the rest of us).

But the way I see it being used is for people with no relevant info who just want your attention. News Channels dont need a Twitter, they're on TV after all. Normal people (ewwww normal people) dont need Twitters...because they either already have a Facebook (speaking of which) or Myspace.

And while we're on the subject of Twitter, a friend and I were discussing just how do you say that you put something on Twitter. Is it Twittered, Tweeted, Twottered (which sounds dirty), or what exactly?

These are probably just the ravings of a bored blogger though...


We made 8000! and for that I present the alluring Ciara.

The main reason she won this spot is because of Love Sex Magic (to which I must repeat, OMJ) and that revived my desire to Google the hell out of her (which sounds a lot more dirty if you dont know what Google is)

And since Im sure nobody cares about the dialogue of this post here are the aesthetics:

Bruce Lee Vs. Iron Man

This is pretty good and I (for once) cant figure out completely how they did it. Im not gonna ruin the winner (even thought you'll probably watch anyway) but I do hate Iron Man (he's a pretty bad character to me)

The one thing that pisses me off is that Kanye West beat me to posting it...(grrrr...)

Dont Do It Video

Off the Recession by Jeezy, and this happens to be one of my favorite songs on the album.

But isn't this like the fifth video he's made from this CD and there are at least two more confirmed...is he gonna make a video for every song?

How does that embody a recession? That's one for thought.



Are in store...
mostly artistic...
leave your thoughts if you're feeling democratic

Fall Out Boy - America's Suitehearts Feat. Rappers?

Joe Budden, 88-Keys, and Murs to be exact.

Im listening to it as I type this description and the beat could be better but Murs kinda rips his verse and 88-Keys' verse sounds cool because of his voice effect mostly.

Most of the original America's Suitehearts is cut out though...but listen for yourself

Pharrell Spazzed...

shouts out to mediatakeout...

The negro goes crazy because Emory College Students were too close to the stage. He actually tells one person "You're ruining the f***ing show get back" (or something like that)

The bad thing is after all the abuse, he yells out "who came to party!" and everybody cheers. Wow, maybe people do like a little abuse.

Lyrical Link Roundup

Half the time I post music links...they're really for me...so that I can find them later.

However, YOU (the reader) benefit from my laziness! (But the Keri Hilson pic...is for me)

Here's a couple of links for your musical perusal:

Yung Joc - Down Low feat. T-Pain (sounds like a typical T-Pain song to me...so its decent)

Jeezy - Go Girl feat. Luda
(haven't listened all the way yet but the roster sounds good)

Keri Hilson - Hey Girl feat. T-Pain & Lil Jon (sounds like a Ciara song...hope she doesn't read that)

T-Wayne - He Rap He Sings (didn't listen...but it'll either be a hit or miss)

Lil Wayne - Its Been A While (the beat sounded decent from the bit I previewed)

Lil Wayne - Im Not Human (Another one of those "Im a Martian" things...might suck)

We're Not Losers...

I wasn't gonna post it (since there's a designated Lupe Blog) but I like the concept.

Apparently, through his Twitter (ugh, that'll be addressed in another blog post) Lupe announced that the Great American Rap Album and LupEND are CANCELLED! (but not his retirement...)

Instead he'll be bringing out an album entitled Lasers.

Which he cryptically announced by saying "We're not losers, We are Lasers" (sounds like a good wallpaper premise)

So Im gonna keep watching and when I find something of equal or greater coolness I'll pass the knowledge on to my incredibly small fan base (yup, I dont lie to myself)

Shouts to Mani whose pic I had to use since it applied most :D


Yea, you cant always have a good title >_<.

This is a project I've been working on ever since I played Street Fighter IV for the first time. I definitely need to add something in the background and clean up the face and Hadoken. But I do love the watercolor on Corel Painter.

I find it funny that some people I know didn't know I could draw (even though Photoshop has made me pretty lazy)

Leave an opinion or suggestion in the comments (pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?)

Goodbye MetroPCS

Yea, Im done with MetroPCS...probably forever.

We had good times and bad times. Most of the bad came in the last month though. Once they KNOW you're leaving...they apparently mess with you. I had service from August until yesterday and up until March I only dropped one call and only lost connection in the super padded walls of Dillard's PA Building.

However, I dropped like four calls and started sending multiple (four was the most) texts to people...like they were trying to prove something.

And they have NO customer service. And when I did find a guy to complain to...HE COULDNT FIX ANYTHING. I asked "why is there 10 extra dollars on my bill?" and I got an answer similar to:
"Ummmmm......(2 minute pause)...I doooont know sir. There's a corporate store in Boca(I think it was Boca) that you can go to."

Im not going that far for Metro dude.

So say hello T-Mobile (where Im now anchored for two years at the least) hope we have fun together.

The Bad Thing Is SOMEBODY Is Bound to Buy One...

A fortune telling watch...Bull-honkey (Im blogging PG today)

Its supposed to fill that bedpan shaped part with brown (to emphasize its bull-ish-ness probably) everyday for a 90 minute period called Raju Kaal...which is apparently an unlucky time to make big decisions and other stuff.

Yea, and this is gonna sell for like $2000 according to FoolishGadgets.

I love watches (there pretty cool I guess) but this...this is Bull (god I should really curse here)


I Have NEVER Wanted To Be Justin Timberlake Until Now...

I would kill to be Justin Timberlake in that video....Oh wait I forgot to say its Love Sex Magic by my love Ciara.

Jesus Christ is she incredible in this video...Jesus Christ...OMJ (oh my jesus...)

And now that Im done being an awestruck fan...didn't anyone else notice the Beyonce jabs?

Keri Hilson - Knock You Down Video Feat. Kanye & Neyo

I actually really like the video (and its not just because I'd kill a man to meet Keri Hilson...) I just dont get why she chose two of the most suspect men in the business to be her love interests.

The Air Yeezy's make an appearance as well.

This Is Cool Advertising

Ever passed by a bulletin board where there is info that you can rip off the bootom...well this is incase of a vampire outbreak apparently.

Whoever thought of this was a genius (I doubt Ill watch the show though...)


Shoe of the Week 26


I am going to name this the Shoe of the Week off of the description of the colorway.

Instead of normal colors like white and blue, this colorway is Dark Obsidian and Metallic Platinum. Wow, that sounds pretty fresh doesn't it (or if you're pessimistic it could sound like unnecessary hype words)

Long story short they're pretty cool (and I couldn't really find anything cooler this week, sorry)

Kill Bill In One Minute

Kinda cool and Kill Bill was one incredible movie (well, two really)

I wish they could do that with the Godfather Trilogy, I would L My A Off


Harder Better Faster Stronger

A really cool internet app called iDaft.

Its basically a soundboard with the voices from the Daft Punk song (the name escapes me) but most people who dont recognize it as theirs will recognize Stronger by Mr.West.

Its great for a timekiller (especially if you snicker at hearing do it, faster, do it, harder, and the like)

Am I In Your Thoughts?

You thought it would be one of those creepy stalker posts didn't you?

Its actually a really cool mirror but that would technically make you self centered since its a thought bubble mirror, meaning all you think about is yourself, which in essence makes it a bad product. (or maybe Im high...who knows)


This Is The Definition of A Dunk!

Isn't that the best thing ever (unless you're in school and the video's blocked...lmao at you)

What makes it better is the first comment on Deadspin where I saw it:
"Damn, why'd it have to be a white guy. One more thing my people will never master, nor live down."
Whats even funnier than that? The reply:
"@tekamul: You sure "master" was the word you wanted to use there?"
This is what makes the internet fun.

Glow in the Dark!

Another reason to own (or not) the Air Yeezys...I dont know how practical of a feature it is...but come on! Glow in the Dark!

And if you think that's lame...they could always be light up when you walk (doesn't seem so lame now does it)

Charles Hamilton - Loser Video

"How does it feel to wake up to the feeling of knowing that I dont give a F(a-la-la-la) how you feeling?"

is the line of this song that made me like it!

The video is pretty mediocre, nothing special, nothing bad though (which is a shame since it was funded by XXL Magazine)...one thing though...Does he buy headphones like most people buy shoes or what?


Your Suicide...You're Doing It Wrong

No comment....

no really....

the end....

Ahhhh what the heck! Who is really gonna waste the metal producing this (unless of course its a photoshopped fake...which is extremely likely). Good concept though...but why go through the trouble of making it a six shooter?

Lego Ice Cube Tray

Is there really that big of a market for novelty ice cubes (like these)

Well when you think about it, its kinda the perfect medium...think about it you could make CD's, Music Notes, Nike Symbols...that's it Nike Dunk Ice Cubes (patent pending...)

As far as these lego ones...they're pretty cool


Sometimes you Feel Like This...

I would love that shirt...availabe at the Threadless...mainly because he's a zombie that also wants money...so in short he wants Brains and Money. (Dont we all...ahh dirty jokes)

I wish I still remembered how to draw cool looking zombies (I dont know how I forgot...but I apparently did)

Stay Up! (Like Viagra) Video

I was gonna leave the video part off the title as a shocker for everybody but thats not funny enough for me.

The video concept is pretty good though and although I forgot to iPod it, I really like this song. However, I would really like to know the name of the girls in this video...really.


Stalk Much?

I dont know if you have a facebook or not (a lot of people do) but this NEW facebook is obviously the work of a stalker!

The new facebook has a feed that shows pretty much EVERYTHING that ALL of your friends do. Which means you see Wall Conversations, Pictures, Tags, Comments, Etc. and I feel like a stalker because its pretty hard to not read all of it.

Im not the only one who feels that way (although I think Im the first of all the people I know to voice that opinion...even though one irrefutable source posted it before me)

Long story short, privacy is a lost luxury...so make sure everything you do is safe for everyone to see.

Spell Check Needs Some Work

Wow...that is possibly the best (or worst) spell check mistake ever...

I dare you to find a better one (yea that is a poor attempt for reader interaction...what of it?)

The bad thing is I tried it myself and it still works

Shoe of the Week 25

Air Jordan True Flight

I am not the biggest fan of Jordans, but these are pretty fresh. I love how they're black and white instead of like five different colors (god do I hate that in shoes)

Too bad they are about $140...I'll pass


I dont know if thats what they named it or not but is that not a pretty cool name for this soda can T-Rex?

More here

For Your Perusal...

Of course thats one of my favorite lines of the entire CD and that particular pic of Lupe reminds me of something I'd do if I were to ever take a promo pic (and it's kinda funny)...but dont look at this for too long...because the general concept is about to be slightly reused

For what you ask?

It's a surprise


The Cleveland Show

A spinoff for good ol' Cleveland (from Family Guy...if you're a dummy and didn't know)

Wikipedia says this about the family:
His newly introduced family includes his new wife, Donna (Sanaa Lathan), her daughter in her late-teens, Roberta (Nia Long) and her 5-year-old son, Rallo (Mike Henry).Cleveland Jr. also appears in the show, but is older and more obese than in his previous appearances on Family Guy. He is now voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson
And according to HipHopDX its rumored that Kanye's gonna voice a character called Kenny West....that would be completely LMAO

Airs in Fall 09 so make sure you're tuned in (in the
fuuuture...wooooh (ghost noises)...I dissapoint myself sometimes)


Whats up with these guys? They keep snubbing people for no real reason.

Kanye and Miley Cyrus (oh NOES!) both got the cold shoulder by some pretty old dudes. Kanye got ignored by Thom Yorke (the lead singer I guess) and Miley couldn't get an interview from the band because they plain out said they dont know who she is...(hope that didn't break her achey breaky heart yo!)

Honestly I dont really know Radiohead (Im more of a Coldplay listener in that category...that is if they're in the same category) but I'll be sure not to bank on them knowing me...ever

But these stories are still made of LMAO because Miley (she threatened to ruin them or something...doubtful) and Kanye(he talked about them on his Storytellers...but it got cut for time) both have pretty big egos (that got pretty bruised) so everyone learned a lesson in the end.


World's Largest Cellphone

is apparently a 15 x 13 foot replica of my Samsung Messenger (except on Cricket...the Metro of...wherever it provides service)

Visitors could make free calls or texts on it...like hell they would though.

IPod Shuffle

I've been putting off blogging this for a while (because yesterday I was jailbreaking my Touch) but this is cool because its apparently the smallest music player ever (sounds like a lie considering the square shuffle) and it has voice over to tell you which song you're on (so you actually have to name your songs instead of leaving the names with the tags of whoever illegally uploads it).

Long story short its pretty cool and it has 4GBs storage and relatively cheap. Oh and its controlled by the headphones...so if you lose them...you're pretty screwed...


Kid Cudi - Superboo

I actually like the song (gotta find an mp3 version for the ol' iPod) and the chick is hot (there's no denying that)...but why?

This looks like a YouTube mashup more than a real video, coulda done better on that account (and maybe did a love scene with Keri Hilson like Kanye...woulda got incredibly high cool points)


Keri Hilson - Make Love

Is that an offer? I would most surely oblige!

And for the life of me, IS THAT KANYE WEST!?

There's never a clear shot...and I'll be damned if it doesn't look like him.

Selling Rocks

Cool ass fossil-ey rocks!

Yea they're called Modern Fossils, made of concrete and involving modern tech like the Playstation controller, and iPods, etc.

More Here

This Dad is An Asshole...

Can't you just see him gloating and rubbing it in his kid's face afterwards?

"Thats why you dont mess with the Dad-Train Son!" or
"In your Mom's Face!...Tonight!"

I like how BannedInHollywood said he was probably the guy who got juked on in the game and then got beat up for it.


Shoe of the Week 24

I was looking all over for a cool shoe to feature this week, and then I realized...I already alocated it to:

The (New) Air Yeezys

I already posted the pic of the three together, but this one is my favorite (hey, I like black shoes...sue me...please dont).

They look like they'd be pretty comfortable, especially since thats what I got from the press releases. And the strap looks coolest on these...and the gray stripe doesn't look as out of place.

The first ones had their appeal though and they will probably cost an arm and a leg...sooooo yea.
(Sooner or later, Mr.West is gonna have to pay me for all this advertising)

Check out more at Hypebeast


A Funny Quote

From FullFiguredFella.com:
“The best part about being a free agent these days is that our country is full of free agents right now. It has been easy to find other free agents to watch daytime TV with me. The credit crunch has flooded the market with dudes like me waiting for a phone call. I propose that Obama give America hope by [eliminating] the word ‘unemployment’ from our vocabulary and replacing it with ‘free agency.’ This change will fill America with hopes of $100 million contracts.”
True and LMAO worthy!

Who You Gonna Call?

Pacman's cant do it on his own...

Space Invaders need help sometimess too...


One Of My Favorite Commercials

I really like these commercials (although kinda old...hey Im lazy)

Doesn't that just look like the BEST party you could go to? Niggas playin poker and celebrity chicks gettin loose and that crazy wind thing that blows What's his names mouth open (please explain that to me)...ugh, you'd have to be there.

I could go into all the technicals of why this is a great ad campaign...but you dont care about that do you?

Prom Queen

The song is so-so (and just really sounds like rap lyrics over a rock beat...with the autotune) the video is pretty cool to me though.

Reeeeeeally wish I could change that screen shot though...

And the message of the song (teaching a bitch a lesson...essentially) is one I would love to experience...as emo as that sounds.


Air Yeezys!

These are apparently the finished product...and I want them (especially the black ones)...more info will be coming Sunday when they are posted as the Shoe of the Week (sorry to ruin the surprise)

I did notice however that they look awfully different from the original pictures.


Kid Cudi - Sky Might Fall

Even though he's probably one of the most emo rappers alive (that means you too Kanye) this song is decent (even though the cool ass title is misleading).

It's apparently gonna be on the Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen Soundtrack

Keri Hilson - Turnin Me On Remix

Features T-Pain and Lil Wayne (better known as the fabulous super entity T-Wayne) and the only reason Im posting it (besides the chance to Google Image search Keri Hilson) is because it seems like she's dissin somebody, and since Im too lazy to research it I'll leave it up to speculation.

El Linko

Pick Up The Bass

A Mickey Factz song...that sounds nothing like something he (or Lupe...his alter ego) would make. It has a techno-ey feel to it, but it's pretty good.

And if you think about it don't you drop the bass (wow, Im a jackass)

UPDATE: The link is for the full one now, that first one was the snippet


Im Chillin...

So that quote turned out to inspire me (in a completely hetero way) and I created this. It's obviously in wallpaper format (I haven't done any real art in a while)
(If you're on a Mac invert it and it looks cool as well)

Looks good to me though.

And while we're on the subject of The Dark Knight...is it just me or was it completely creepy the way the Joker licks his lips?

Shoe of the Week 23

In a slightly uninspired effort, I present to you the:

Air Jordan Dub Zero

I could go through all the formalities but lets get down to the meat(thats what she said) and potatoes. The color scheme fits my liking (black and/or white and/or red) and the lazer printing thing (or what I guess is named that) looks cool (and is one of the reasons that I tolerate some Jordans)

The problem would of course be the price, after all they are Jordans.

So shall it be laced...

Vandalism Made Fun

Well this site is...interesting. Its made to vandalize other "rival" websites...and since Im too trill to have a rival, I did my own (Dont agree? Look at the url you're on! Ha!)

The spray paint could be cooler if it dripped, but other than that its pretty cool (oh and besides the fact that its funded by Arby's...which I hear is terrible)