Toy Story 3

Pisses me off for the fact that it doesn't come out for a full year. I really dont know what it could be about...but come on, its Toy Story, how could it suck?

Its also funny that I saw this because I read an FML that said something like " Today, I was so excited to see the Toy Story 3 trailer that I had to lay in bed a few minutes to calm down" and I LMFAO'ed

Shoe of the Week 36

Im waaaaay too lazy (and behind) to want to post these two shoes seperately so they'll be the split winners of the Shoe of the Week 36.

[Nike FLOM Dunk High] & [Blazer Lite Mid TZ Tier 0]

The Blazers are pure and simple and have a very nice color of blue (that Im finding hell trying to match with mine) And those Dunks have a weird colorway but they're Dunks, that and its paired with LIVESTRONG (those bracelets) so it shouldn't be that hard to match with them.

The bad thing about these shoes is explaining to others what they are, because they are both a mouthful (no homo of course)


The new redesign of the PSP and according to hypebeast it has:
a 3.8-inch display, 43% lighter body than the PSP-3000, 16GB of Flash storage, Built-in Bluetooth, Memory Stick Micro slot, Full PlayStation Network support, and Integration with the PlayStation 3 console.
However, from the pics its not a sexy enough device for me, the button placement looks kinda awkward and it looks like you'd need big pockets to carry it. But other than that if its as good as a regular PSP I cant say much else about it.

A Fresh Shirt

This is a really cool shirt mainly because it looks like something I'd design. And since Im starting to hate all my shirts I may end up getting this one (despite the fact that it looks more like something Imani would wear)

As for the sucky title up there...they cant all be gems


One of my favorite Flavor of Love Girls apparently got her boob job and IMMEDIATELY took nude pics (too bad I wont post em here). Great for me (and you of course)

In honor of the big One Oh (Oh-Oh-Oh) she gets the I Love tag.

I think the bellyring is what gets her the honor (have not seen many uggo's sportin the belly ring.)

Radio Silence...

Sorry for that long ahhh pause in blogging but ive been busy lately. Graduated yesterday (hated that hat) and I've been doing other things.

No matter the pause Im pretty sure I'll keep blogging (you just have to have patience grasshopper)

My birthday is next Sunday by the way...in case anyone loves me enough to say...buy me those red and black Blazers from before.

Prepare for blogging on steroids again today...


Paranoid Video

Not a bad vid for one of my favorites on the CD. And there is tasteful semiNUDITY of Rihanna (like you haven't seen that before though)

Kinda plain though, I'd expect something a little more flamboyant extravagant and/or artistic from Kanye (a joke, Kanye's my homie that is if he's one of my readers lol)

FC Barcelona x Nike Blazer Hi

A collabo of sorts (i forgot between who) but its to commemorate somethin or other. The point here is they look really fresh (I mean imagine someone jerkin' in these)

They look good to me, too bad they only come in a size 9 ( + 3 would = all in for me)

Zune HD

Looks promising, buuut Zunes kinda suck (no offense to my zune-rs) but thats probably only because I have to rep my iPod Touch.

Im glad that somebody's trying to stand up to that asshole behemoth named Apple (they didnt make me an intern...they suck too)

As far as the actual product I need a working model before I review it.

Out of School...For Now

Graduation Saturday, High School's officially over, depressing.

Life's about to start (depressing as well) and the best advice I ever got about being in the "real world" is guard your anus.

"Life is always trying to rape you, sometimes without vaseline, so guard your anus"
- Various Sources

Ill miss all my 010, 11, and 12 friends but you guys know where to find me (the facebook, el bloggo, and maybe even myspace, oh and that primitive ass thing called the phone lol)

So yea, you are about to witness blogging on steroids due to the postless last two days.


Wow More Shoes

Incredible that I'd find so many shoes I want in such a little time (especially since Im a male) but these are the Nike SB releases for June and I must say...my birthday is June 7.

I would love any and all of these for a present...too bad I wont get them.

Shoe of the Week 35.5

Yep, if I was a little bit lazier yesterday I could've made this the actual shoe of the week but its pretty fresh so I'll give it a never-before-seen honor.


Funny that I like it so much but have nothing to say, but I kinda have to make prints or else I'll fail my graphic design class and then I'll have an F on my report card and I'll have my college acceptance yanked sooo...Im done here.

Shoe of the Week 35

Surprise surprise its a pair of Blazers. These are definitely the ones I'll be buying if I ever get a job and find them somewhere.

Its apparently only available in certain places and is released on June 4, 3 days before Im 18 so if anyone loves me these would be a great birfday present.

Charles Hamilton Got His S*** Rocked

Im super late due to all of the stuff going on lately, but apparently the chick that rocks his piece is his assistant/girlfriend and they made up already but how funny is that.

Look at his face after the hit, its like he's been there before.

Hes a skinny dude but he can apparently take a punch.

Random Verse of the Day

The Cool Kids, Mikey and Chuck, mass producers of music you can jerk to:

"tell em kiss it off the glass
or pass or kick it
callin shots from the bench
and finger pointin picks
i'm coach chuck daily
aka daddy rich
i meant Chuck Inglish
the flicker of the flicks
all net finger roll Alan Houston off the pick
yeah the pick of the litter with the kicks
it's new we kick to
who do, the cool kids
kick it in the city
when we in around town
next door neighbors tellin us
that it's too loud
now neighbor, can you please just turn that mess down?
this is the sound of throwin pennies on the ground"

The Cool Kids - Pennies


Random Verse of the Day

N.E.R.D. had me Seeing Sounds today so I'll give it to em (no homo):

"Sitting here in this white padded room
Imagining I'm a meteor flying out through the distant space
How this tiny speckle earth destroy tommorow?
so capable of so many things
why make life taking planes
but I believe,that when you lose your root
just use the sunlight
it could be your guide
no more political dreams
not another excuse
don't need another love song we need a love bomb to just blow us away"

N.E.R.D. - Love Bomb

Its Over 9000!

and almost 10,000 so keep pressing that refresh button.

High schools almost over, saddening.

Gotta keep in touch with everyone on facebook, gmail, and here of course.

In the words of my homeboy Sean J.



Michael Vick-tim

Yep Vick's out and everyone wants to be the first to rip him a new a-hole (no homo...because Bubbles probably beat us to it)

My only problem is, he served the time, so he should be good right? Everyone wants to make an example out of him to make themselves popular. I say leave him the heck alone until he does something else stupid, at the very least.

And as far as what team he's going to? Probably the UFL (the new league they're creating) or the Canada league because I doubt anyone's gonna let him get back into the league without and intense fight.

Im starting to ramble so let's just see how it unfolds...


While locked in an argument that Im not even sure what it was about I realized something. Its not about what you know its about HOW LOUD YOU YELL

A male vs male argument is 70% volume. Thats why when there are more on one side they are sure to win just imagine a football argument. The guy throwing out the facts like a civilized human is sure to lose.

A female vs female argument from my understanding (I've never had one...) is the same. Thats why ghetto girls are good at arguing because they have no off switch.

A male vs female argument is an awkward one to guess. there are no true rules to it usually the female wins because of obvious unspoken reasons but Id rather not delve into that now.

Long story short, in a bind? YELL LIKE A FUCKING IDIOT...and maybe just maybe you'll win

(is it just me or does the word look/sound weird now)

Random Verse of the Day

I missed one yesterday so two today, this song is probably one of my favorites off of the Who The Fuck Is Mickey Factz mixtape, possibly because of the sample:

"This is me everyday
doin wat i do its in my dna
mr. [idk what he says here] thats gotta be the way
Imma fix the culture and well be ok
ok funny how a lil snot nose with bifocals
will come and drop hot vocals
goin bicostal cross the atlas
A accident? This is automatic"
Mickey Factz - Automatic


Random Verse of the Day

A quick one since I have things to do...
"I am only a fighter
in the form of a writer
in the form of a poet
potency in the mic
I blank out then I approach it
turn me up and I go in
haters learn to bear
I'm Lovie Smith with the vocals"

Wale - Nike Boots

Flash Drives in Disguise

Would you not pay $43 for this!?

That is definitely the coolest thing I've seen all day (and that would explain why its blog worthy I guess) Only thing is its sure to get annoying after a while...making it not worth the hefty hefty hefty price tag.


Random Verse of the Day

Somewhat more R&B-ish for this one. This song is one of my favorites ever apparently:

"Tryin' to be the best girlfriend you could be
but still you sneak and look at me and girl i love it,
then you give your other girl a shove, tell her you
gonna call her, ask how it was, and she's gone love it

So then we try, singin' a slow down beat
cuz you weren't used to how fast we touched
Then we locked eyes and I knew I was in there
and I was going to tear ya' ass up"
Pharrell - Frontin'

Drake - Drought Is Over

Yea Drake is apparently that good that he gets a Drought is Over mixtape, an "honor" only given to Wayne as far as I remember.

The only thing about Drake mixtapes is that they're usually the same songs in different orders, so lets see about this one.




Random Verse of the Day

One of the better lyricists in the game, who decides to be an autotune whore:

"and I'm an MC, I move the crowd like Moses
Like the Red Sea I wear red like roses
Go against me and you'll be dead like roses
Spittin' at your head full of bread like toasters

Never had a holster, I keep it on my lap
And hip-hop ain't dead, it just had a heart attack
But you see I keep it pumpin', yeah I got that heart back
So just call me Little Carter, or Little Cardiac"

Lil Wayne - On Luda's Last of a Dying Breed

Shoe of the Week 34


The cool thing about these is the X lights up, however, when the hell will anyone see it? They look cool and all but for the price that they're going for its kinda not worth it.

Dont get me wrong they are fresh as hell (hence the title). But since theres only one pair, they're probably not cheap at all.

Last Day Dream

Last Day Dream from torbjon on Vimeo.

A pretty powerful short film by director Chris Milk. Its actually pretty full of substance despite the awkward screenshot up there (unless of course it changed to make me look crazy...)

Reeeeally makes you think you're a dying old white man...or watching a creepy short film about a white man's life...you decide I guess


Random Verse of the Day

Decided I'd do something semi-gangsta for this installment:

"Rappin for the hell of it
Hella rich never have to sell a brick again
Must I tell a bitch again
The Bullshit I'm addressing check I'm on some next level shit
Never been f**ked in the game I'm celibate
Rarely out my element, barely out the ghetto with
One foot out and one foot in as intelligent as fellas get
Listen let's settle this, be clear I could fall back seven years
And still ain't no one ahead of me"

T.I. - Im Illy

Top 60 Ghetto Names

Lets put aside how possibly racist this video is and just absorb the hilarity for at least a moment.




Hilarious...(okay now you can call them racists...the bastards!!!)


Is Myspace Playing Catch Up?

Is it just me or is Myspace recognizing that everyone is starting to move on to Facebook and/or Twitter and resorting to copying them?

First It did that whole Profile 2.0 thing, that looked like a FB ripoff, then it did the status updates like FB and Twitter, now theres a chat bar! (have you logged in today?)

I give them props for not having that stupid stay the course no matter what principle, but they are straight up copying now...and it's evident. I used to love Myspace too, but for some reason ( I dont really remember) I just jumped ship to Facebook...probably wont do the same for Twitter though.

I wonder what they're gonna do next, all we can do is watch...and update our status on Facebook about it...or tweet...or twat.

Random Verse of the Day

This song has a really fresh beat, you should google it (because Im too lazy to link)

"No big names,
No big chains,
Just plain pat,
This is with some sick aim,
Cool beans though,
10 deep jeans ho,
Stampede, fitted in the Range with a knitted.

No gimmick,
real time, real heart
real words, elegant- a piece of art
No famous name,
Vouching Im still the shit
Nigga, first couple songs,
No guest appearances,
Now you sick mannee
I aint takin stabs
Im just taking names
Then Im kickin ass "

Kid Cudi - Look Up In Da Stars


Random Verse of the Day

This entire song is a lyrical beast, and exposes the problems facing urban America currently...and Im not even BSing.

"I am the blood of this city,
It's gas, water, and electricity,
I'm it's gym, and it's math, and it's history,
The gunshots in the class
And you can't pass if you're missin, G.
I taught them better than that
I taught them aim for the head
And hope they never come back
I'm glad your daddy's gone, baby,
Hope he never comes back,
I hope he's with your mother,
With my hustlers high in my trap"

Lupe - Put You On Gmae

Lupe - Street Stories

Oh shit, is this really new Lupe??

I've never heard it before so if its not, its new to me. I cant wait for Lasers (if it ever comes that is)

And if anyone comments with a "thats what she said" ill threaten to do something that I probably wont be able to legally do.


Random Verse of the Day

I dont know what it is about this beat that makes rappers wanna spit their hardest, but Drake's now added to that list:;

"Coolest kid out baby
Word to Chuck Inglish
Count my own money
See the paper cut fingers
My song is your girlfriend’s wakin’ up ringer
Or alarm or whatever
She be here 6 in the morn
If I let her
But I never get attracted to fans
Cuz a eager beaver Could be the collapse of a dam"

Drake - Ignant Shit

Post #666

Hmm....awkward that its come to this, Im almost afraid to post a 666th post.

I dont even really know what to do to make it special/awkward boner/memorable but that picture up there is definitely pure fail.

Hope you get the levels of irony in it.
Oh and it wouldn't be true 666th post if I didnt mention Kyle, Earl, or DJ


Random Verse of The Day

As good as all three verses on the song were, I chose this part of Kanye's verse (simply because its the best standalone)

"Lifestyles of the broke and famous
Let you know how crazy this game is
Look at all the new beautiful faces
At home supermodel, myspacers
Long for their shot on the TV screen
American Idol never seen these dreams
Just last week they wanna see ID Now they got you in VIP, huh?"

Kanye West - US Placers

Music Pirate Shirt

This reminds me of an idea for a shirt that I had myself. My idea had headphones though so I can post this as something cool and completely (kinda) original.

Wow I sound like an asshole sometimes...

On a side note this reminds me of how the Pirate Bay lost that court case...damn now I need to find somewhere esle to help me pirate...

Too Bad They're White

Intentionally misleading title (just to make my baby Kyle horny) but its too bad that these Blazers are white (and that I saw them on a Tuesday or esle they'd be shoe of the week)

I dont wear much white (Im too dark for it IMO) and although Im pretty sure they're men's they look like they could be rocked by a chica (feeling a little hispanic today lol...omg another lol)


Random Verse of the Day

For my burnouts/weed heads/general smokers:

"We hoppin' out like the mystery machine
My eyes be the size of Mr. Miyagis
Squinting to read the fine print on the widescreen
We riding, riding and that's when I see
Headlights behind me, I then start to freak Hide the weed, oh"

Asher Roth - Blunt Cruisin'

What Goes Around...

Anti-war posters
that make use of the philosophical properties of poles...the fact that they are round.

I wish I'd have actually thought of it first because its a hella cool concept.

Inspiration for the designer in you possibly.

Are You A Laser?

Some pretty inspirational words from Lupe (that I found via the LupEND Blog). After reading it Im excited for the concept, just hope he doesnt cancel it LupEND style.

I Love College Remix Feat. Luda

Eh Luda's a beast most of the time so I'll post it and listen to it later. Kinda sucks that he didnt do this a while ago when it was newer.



Random Verse of the Day 2

Yay for Consistency (no homo)

"But my most coveted thing is a high self-esteem
and a low tolerance for them telling me how to lean
See the most important parts are the ones that are unseen
the wings don't make you fly and the crown don't make you king"

Lupe Fiasco - Gold Watch

Shoe of the Week 33


I highly doubt that thats the definite name of them but I highly doubt I care. My brother bought these and in person, they are fiyah.

I usually dont like converses but those definitely have a nice appeal to them.

The one thing I did notice is that they catch fingerprints like a brand new phone, so as metrosexual as it sounds, you may need to carry a cloth to wipe em every now and then.


Random Verse of the Day

If I remember I'll do one of these a day, if not a week, if not that then probably never again.

Lets hope I have some consistency!

"Just the thought that maybe it could be better than what we at at this time
Make it out of this grind, 'fore I'm out of my mind
And get some lee way on the he say she say
You girl don't like me, how long has she been gay
Spanish girls say "No hable inglés"
And everybody want to run to me for their single
It's funny how these wack niggas need my help
Wasn't around when I couldn't feed myself
Dog, If I was you, I wouldn't feel myself
Dog, If I was you, I'd kill myself"

Kanye West - Bring Me Down Feat. Brandy

Ode to Naked Pop Stars

So Wiz Khalifa freestyled over Best I Ever Had to honor Cassie and Rihannas new venture into porn.

Its funny but could be better, but I like it.

So to join the party I decided to craft a haiku:

Rihanna, Cassie

I see London, I see France

I see nipple rings

Nike Hyperize

Is it just me or are these certifiable fiyah?

They're probably not shoe of the week (tommorow, like always) but I cant stop looking at em.

Maybe this'll help me desgning those shoes that I keep procrastinating on.

You're A Rockstar Pornstar!

Rihanna, Kelis, and (drumroll please...) Cassie!

All three are now officially pornstars (and the internet must surely be on fire). Kelis has a sextape, and Rihanna...and CASSIE...have nekkid piktographs (want a link? its called Google) and all I can say is wow. Especially since this is probably three publicity stunts...well not Kelis since its the reason shes getting divorced.

Better yet, its Cassie before the whole crazy haircut thing.

I could rambe on, but im more interested in finding out how I can be a pornstar...joking of course.


Where Hilarity Happens

Its moments like this that I wish I watched basketball.

Did you see his headband??

Big Nike Low

Is a very cool looking shoe, and since Im entering that contest I've been researching shoes. I love how these have those Asain(?) characters on the back that give a hipster feel.

But the funniest thing is that they are Big Nike Lows. Most misleading (and therefore comical) name ever (or at least for today).

The Blue ones are in the picture but if I bought any it'd be the orange ones here

AP Exams

Are not to be talked about apparently (oh noes! Im breakin da rulez), but they are definitely not to be fxcked with either, they are BRUTAL. If you're taking one this year or next, you definitely need to know your stuff.

Side note: At least I got a five last year...hope Im a repeater.

Two Words

Kanye's video for "Two Words" that never got played he said this:
This video never got played because I refused to remove the titles on it. They said people will think a TV show is going off and I said that's the whole point. Wow... even only 3 videos in to the game.... I refused to compromise my vision.
Hes kinda right this was a fiyah ass concept, just another reason (old school) Kanye was one of my heroes.


Grad Bash Part 1

Im way too lazy to do an all inclusive Grad Bash post so Ill be lazy right now and post two of the videos I took.

One is of random girls who I dont know (if you are one PLEASE email me lol) and the other is the beginning where it took the Dillard Kids to start the party.

Grad Bash was incredibly live and the pics post will tell the story...since Im lazy now.

Feel Like Jerkin?

Funniest name for a dance ON EARTH.

Who thought of it? I really wanna know who was either that clever or stupid to make a dance (that looks half like the stanky legg...which I hate) with a double entendre of a name.

Its the funniest thing. You can literally say "Im gonna go in the middle of that circle of people and start jerkin" or "bruh look at this video of me and my girlfriend jerkin yesterday" the possibilities are freakin endless!!!

And to answer your next question, no, I cant tell if Im being sarcastic or not either.


Yours Truly...

A little something I just whored together. I drew inspiration from my boy Orin at Orinary Creations, the type and boxes idea from the Picture Whore, Imani, and the lyrics from good ol' Kanye.

I also realized how bad 3 megapixels is nowadays especially compared to my 8.2 Samsung soo Ill definitely be snapping up primarily from the Sammie from now on.

Stolen Knowledge

Is not just a cool name for a blog (take notes son!!!) but its also a bunch of quotes I decided to steal from my buddy Stickani (which she seems to prefer to be called online) over here

Delve into the deepness:

"How come a couple hundred people die from Swine Flu & everybody wanna wear a mask. But millions been dyin' from AIDS & no one wants to put a condom"

"I learned that if you want it you do it or else you'll waste your life thinkin about it."
(OMG thats meeee!!!11!1!)

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail."
-Abraham Maslow

And on that note, the end for now...

Shoe of the Week 32


A fresh and clean variant on a classic style. I actually like the vibrant ass orange, although I definitely dont wear enough orange to warrant buying these but I could find enough by Fall when they release.


Im Pooped

Sorry for the two days of non posting, but between Grad Bash (one of the LIVEST days of my life) and AP Tests ( ughhhh...) Im just not posting.

Pics and funny ass videos either tomorrow or the day after (for sure son!!!!...or daughter) and shoe of the week tomorrow too. But now? Most likely Facebook then sleep.


Die Posers Die!!!

I really dont know what this is besides an art exhibit with names I hear around skateboarding.

But is that not the coolest picture of a skelton slapping an A-Bomb on a guy's face you've seen all day...heck, all week?

And the inspiration train is running again (Photoshop/sketching time)